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New Pickup: Maui Wowie + Pics

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MR. widow, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. I got 6 grams of this bud for $100 from a new guy. Its a little pricey, but the bud is AMAZING! He said it was Maui Wowie. The smoke is nice. There is like a 70% head high and 30% body high. IT doesn't taste like anything in specific, but tastes good in general. The buds smell very fruity, and the nugs are coated with crystals.

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  2. yea i had the pleasure of smoking a couple grams of it when i was on vacation in maui last summer and yea 70% head sounds about right. Those budz look nice and frosty tho enjoy!! the high really is a special one
  3. See.....I toldya!!!

    True sats are awesome.
  4. 171 views and nobody likes these buds?
  5. i like em haha. i get the same buds for 120 a 1/4. awesome pickup, so sick. good lookin bud man thank you.
  6. looks really good! how was the smoke?
  7. im diggin the buds dude, i love maui and somehow I've came across it several times within the past 2 months, like 420/zone...
  8. got that fiya fiya babay
  9. I just got some Maui Wowie in my area too. =p I agree, it's a wonderful smoke.
  10. I grabbed a dub today.....I never smoked nothing quite exactly like it before. It's confusing.

    Whats not confusing is how much I love to rip nugs of it outta my new $60 ghettoglass straight tube
  11. I get Maui all the time living in Colorado (we're sister states so its rather easy to get the product here) and its damn near my favorite strain (either that or pineapple trainwreck).

    The best thing about growing in hawaii is that it has 4 harvests a year!. What that translates to for us is that almost any bud planted out doors in Hawaii will grow a large Maui influence very quickly from the climate and soil.
  12. Lucky, I've looked far and wide. Just can't get any, newyork sucks.
  13. Yeah I've noticed that in alot of threads to. Come on every body TOKE IT UP!
  14. only smoke the "maui" like 2 times
  15. Wow that looks really good. Its covered in bulging milky trichomes, it must be very potent.

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