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New Pickup: LA Conf, Platinum Master Kush...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Thump88, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Picture order goes: L.A. Confidential, Platinum Master Kush, OG Master Kush (OG Kush x Master Kush).

    Only grabbed a gram of each when I bought em but I really only needed to take a few hits with this shit.

    Attached Files:

  2. bitch these aint your pictures quit lying:mad:

  3. GTFO tool. Nice buds man.
  4. are you serious? you don't know what your talking about man. Please don't accuse me of lying if you don't actually have proof. Plus I don't give a shit about some websites stupid REP system, you can minus rep me all you want.
  5. awesome buds


  6. How about I + rep you, and - rep him? Would that make things better?

    By the way, those buds are amazing. I want the La C, and OG MK, ya dig?

    Where do you reside?
  7. good looking nugs...where you from? what club did you purchase from?
  8. YA fakes, where did all those diff backrounds come from?
  9. the reason they have different background was because they were taken on different surfaces DUH! The LA conf. was taken on my dining room table the og master kush was taken on a blue blank cd case you can kinda see the thing that holds the cd in place in the background and the master kush was taken from inside a SOLO cup it works really well as a mini-studio because its all white and the flash reflects well. The two master kushes were purchased at a club in Santa Barbara, CA (where I live) and the L.A. Conf. I got off one of my street guys. So I hope this clears up any issues. DO NOT MAKE ACCUSATIONS UNLESS YOU GOT PROOF TO BACK IT UP. Simply saying cus they were all taken on different surfaces doesn't mean anything.
  10. which in sb? i live there alsooo :smoking:
  11. I +rep everytime somebody picks up that L.A conf,

    simply because that's the first high grade I smoked. :smoking:
  12. Let me guess, you don't have links for the Google pics do you? Why do you leap to conclusions? I think your a negative person, that needs to be a little more positive. ;)
  13. sickk buds dude. i'm jealous

    + rep

  14. did you just call him a "coon"?! :eek: wtf? HAHAHAH.
    and the whole why do they have different backgrounds. DUMBEST QUESTION FTW. seriously. DUMB. that made my IQ drop a little.
  15. sweet life find some pics off the internet and act like their yours, LOL
  16. Hating at its finest.

    Anyway..whether the pics are yours or not...dope buds. that la confidential is ridiculous.
  17. #17 Thump88, Aug 22, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 22, 2008
    again, where is this proof that I stole these pictures off the internet? Please try and find any of those pics on google (cuz you won't). Why are you so certain I stole those pictures? You don't know me or where I live, what I do, or what I smoke. so stop acting like you know it all. And thank you for the compliments all you non-haters
  18. very nice pics. nice compact buds for you bowl smokers. i like the fluffy myself makes the blunts fatter. but this is quite tempting

  19. people really make me wonder what goes through their head sometimes you know what im sayin? if you're just gunna try and badmouth people go to a new forum. thanks.

    looks dank..and i like your cup idea for the "mini studio" some good thinkin!

    hows it smoke?

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