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New pickup: Jack Flash(Jack Herer x Super Skunk)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by woodsmarcel, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Just picked up a quarter oz of this stuff yesturday and I have another coming. It cost me $130 a quarter. It's called Jack Flash, from Sensi Seedbank. It's Jack Herer crossed with Super Skunk. Has this very earthly scent to it, not that smelling. A great fucking taste, almost creamy like. The buds are very fluffy, a great sativa strain. They look like they were sprinkled with sugar. Here are some very close up pics of the buds from my digital camera......




  2. Looks like some good bud man, smoke it up!:smoke:
  3. That's some crystally nugget you got there. Nice pickup.
  4. looks like some good bud. blaze that shit pha sho.
  5. Thanks guys. Definitely a great fucking stone and is quite strong.
  6. nice pickup
  7. Nice pickup man :D
  8. yeah dude, nice. looks worth it. +rep.
  9. Nice but $130 for a 1/4 is pretty fucked up.
  10. Looks real dank..but 130$ for a 1/4 is steep..i pay 100$ for headies and that's enough :smoke:
  11. Hey bro that Jack Flash alright herb ..... had a harvest or two with it ... if you wanna see some plants being harvest that are jack flash goto .....
    click on humboldt hash bash ......... the plants in video all Jack Flash really good strain to grow .. big buds in short time .....
  12. I agree but that is what the market dictates around here for stuff as good as this. Sour Diesel costs just about the same around here too. This shit is better than it looks. :smoke:
  13. ^that's saying a helluva lot.... it looks pretty damn good.
  14. i smoked sum jack flash yesterday :D had more hairs and less whiteish tint but got me blazeddddd u will enjoy tht lot :hello:

  15. Ya I know what you mean dude. I smoked a 2 and a half inch long blunt of it around 10 am yesturday and was fucked up in the head for hours. I can take like a .1 gram pinch and get like 4 or 5 hits off of it in a bowl and be nice and relaxed but I don't smoke everyday, a couple days a week. Anyway, here is another shot using a photoshop filter and some text...


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