New Pickup - Inline Bubbler

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  1. Was planning on getting a custom blown inline a/c, but the blower decided to raise his prices by like 40% :confused: so I went to the headshop and grabbed this. What do you guys think of it? Also, how much would you have paid for it.

    No milkshots yet because I'm getting DT'd soon...



  2. i like it.

    in fact

    i'm going to be searching for one locally tomorrow, lol. how much did it run you?
  3. Thats a pretty "modern" looking bong, i like it :smoking:
  4. wow I gotta say that is stunning man!!
  5. hey is that yellow resin? The frosted glass is badass
  6. that looks absolutely sick man, yeah +1 on how much did that run looks mad cool never seen one like that before sweet
  7. thanks for the comments so far

    the yellow is a fumed part...not a big fan of it, but i liked the piece overall too much to let that distract me.

    i wanna hear what you guys think its worth before i post the price
  8. havent seen anything like it by my local headshops, but i would say like 120$
  9. i wanna say 85-95? idk just throwing it out there b/c of size compared to like a bong
  10. 150 to 300 Tops!
  11. got it for 150 out the door. they had a matching one in pink that i really wanna get for when me and my girl blaze
  12. hey so since i was right do I get your bubbler as a winners prize?
  13. if you make it out to the southwest i'll treat ya to a sesh :smoking: haha
  14. damn... thats legit, im too high to comprehend prices i guess haha nice bubbler tho man

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