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New Pickup - Half Eighth of FL DANK (pics)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by d50416, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. thank you for the 407 :smoking::smoking::smoking:
    pics dont do this weed justice (damn cellphone)

    will come back with a smoke report soon :bongin:
  2. looking good man. price?
  3. 25 so im pretty pumped
  4. nice man not bad at all. 50$ 1/8ths in 407 are where its at. :D
  5. Dammmn, 25 an eighth? I get em 60 a pop up here, looks like you were lucky to stumble upon a connect, not just a dealer.
  6. 50/eighth, 25 for a half eighth
  7. Oh, I get em for 30 then. Bud looks good regardless of the cell phone pics though, you can tell there's sum crystals on those nuggies.
  8. Holy shit, you got hooked up man.
  9. Nice, dude. Eighths up here in Illinois cost me $50-$60.
  10. #10 d50416, Oct 30, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 30, 2009
    **its NOT an eighth, what i got was HALF an eighth**
    my little smoke study is done (internet went out and just came back on :mad:)

    Look\Feel\Smell: very green, very fluffy, and powdered with thc. Orange hairs are on the buds, but they arent abundant. the smell reeks through the bag, stank up my car on the two minute drive home from my guys house.. 9\10

    The Smoke: harsh, gave me a good 5 minutes or so of coughing, but the taste of it is pretty delicious. fruity if anything, but not too much - just the perfect amount 8.5\10

    The High: the saving grace of this bud - my head is still fucked up from a bong bowl i smoked over 2 hours ago. completely ripped right now, high started off very light but crept up to a nice body high - couch lock is there :poke: - tapers off to a fucking amazing head high. 10\10

    Overall: i have no idea what this strain is called, but dammit its one of my favorites.. ill give it a 9.5\10 (yes the high IS that good)
  11. the smoke is what matters, the look is only the icing on the cake. its all about the taste and satisfaction, and you my friend sound like a satisfied Gent. props on the bud.

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