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new pickup got pics

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheBongMan, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Heres a new pickup we got yesterday. This is some usual Michigan (or at least Marquette) bud. Tell me what you guys think, oh and its an 8th and we paid 40 for it. Also the buds I took close ups of isn't the whole thing, those are just some from it. But yeah I'm really high right now so peace out. :hello: :smoking:

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  2. Looks good for 40 an 8th man enjoy :smoking:
  3. looks like you got some nice, dense buds. smoke on :smoking:
  4. looks like a good buy.
  5. damn thats just some good regs, where I'm from is one of the most expensive places for weed and I can get that stuff for 60 a half. You really shouldn't pay 40 an 8th for that.
  6. dude that looks like a huge 8th if thats a regular sandwitch bag on the last pic, that thing is a monster 8th.
  7. Yeah were really good friends, thats y we got hooked up.
  8. im not sure if id pay 40 for an 8th of that...but im pretty sure you got a bit more then an 8th in which case it was money well spent...buds do look pretty good.:smoke: i hope you enjoy them!
  9. duuude bud looks's bad listening to people on here talk about how you should'nt of paid 40 for that while i live down here in AUSRALIA and would KILL to get bud that good looking for 40 BUX
  10. Great looking stuff, especially for the price.

    cheachea, I only see negative comments from you on peoples bud almost all the time. You've also not made a thread with your own bud, so why don't you put up or shut up...
    I don't mean to be pissy, but there's no reason to harp on peoples shit like you do. That is not regs, and you should know it.
  11. Agreed. +rep

    TheBongMan, great pickup! That stuff looks pretty nice for 40 bucks.

    That's all that counts :D
  12. Looks similar to the stuff I usually get for pretty much the same price. Good buy

  13. your getting horrible regs then, I would post pics of my bud but I can never get my camera to focus right. I leave negative comments cause 99 percent of some time its some decent or crappy bud that and half the people that have no have no clue go dude looks like some dank. I bet those buds are pretty hard arn't they?
  14. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Those arent crappy regs at all, those are the best regs you can find. Not quite THE dank, but a killer price. I used to get an 8th of that stuff for 35 and it does have crystals on it. It got me almost as high as regular dank. I wish I still had a connect for it...
  15. Use the macro setting ;)

    And I'm just going to have to disagree with you on the 99%... I see plenty of dank around here. Sure some people get shit, but most of the people who bother to post decent budshots have dank.

    It takes pictures verrry well


    And no what he posted isn't really dank but its not regs by any account, IMO, but its possible either way because of the quality of the pic.

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