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New pickup: Eighth of "Master Kush"

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Doughboy04, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. Just picked up an eighth of this one up last night. Not to strong of a smell. It's rather piney with sweet undertones. I'll give a smoke report within the next few days. I've got summer school and work so i'll reserve my blazing for my off day on wednesday. Anyways, here are the pics. Sorry for the quality of them. They came straight from my phone.

    Attached Files:

  2. i hope thats not all of it! doesnt look like an 8th
  3. It's not. I just took the two biggest nugs out.
  4. not trying to be a cock but thats not kush.
    looks like some good mid.
  5. pics aren't good enough to tell.

    hope you have a good time smoking that :smoke:
  6. Have Fun Blazin man!
  7. how can you tell from those quality pics man. you'd need macros so dont hate
  8. i wasnt hatin theres nothing wrong with mid but master kush is VERY frosty and lime green, and dusted with crystals, and this looks dark with no trichomes...
  9. I'm not doubting this is master kush, but when I bought MK, it was lime green and frosty, as said here.

  10. not everyone macros there bud pictures.. besides half if not all the macro pictures in this entire forum WOULDNT look like bomb ass bud if u didnt macro it to be honest.
  11. if it was master kush (or any kush, really) it would stink if it was grown and prepared properly

    i mean stink stink stink
    a broken up bowl should be something you can smell

    looks like desc weed
    but we cant tell from the pics

    the smell however gives us clues to its identity
  12. lol that's so true.

  13. This guy knows what's up. Seriously, MOST kush phenos eg. OG, Master, Headband, Bubba and many more will STINK up your room/house. Even if you only have like a gram or less you should be able to smell it from several feet away. I can't really tell from your pictures OP, but if it has the incredibly stinky characteristics then you probably have some MK.
  14. yeah piney smell is usually beast. if its kush it has a strong distinct smell. i picked up a bag of og kush 30 mintues ago look out for a thread.

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