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New Pickup (Digi Cam Pics!)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Knox, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Now that I've finally gotten ahold of a digital camera, I thought that I'd share some pics of some new nug I just picked up and some actual pictures of my grinder and bong.

    5.7g for $40..not bad for around here:


    Close up shot:


    Yummy crystals:


    Grinder I got from GC a while ago:


    Reverend Thomas Toogood:


    Showin off the ghost design:


    It's about time I got some non-cellphone pics on this board. Hope you enjoy them!
  2. Beautiful nugs and an excellent price my man, nice piece also, +rep!
  3. super nice bong and scale man. where did you get that scale? PM me with link if you don't mind...

  4. That bong is heads man. love it. I love clear bongs.
  5. nice nugs, i see thc on the stems:hello:
  6. nice all around dude. sexy bong with a cool name too. i wish i had that hookup in my town. lucky.
  7. Nice bro, i have that scale and that grinder, both work wonderfully. Nice nugs too!
  8. wow.. very impressive bud for cheap and a wicked sick bong.
  9. great buds awsome bong and good deal you are set have fun:hello:
  10. Nice buds and I really dig the bong.
  11. ya nice buds man, better than the shit around here
  12. hey man wat kind of shit is that i'm from the area(southern mass) and that almost looks like the shit i get
  13. And of course, I couldn't forget a milkshot:


    Dayum this is some good nug :D
  14. what a price man!!!
  15. I know. I was just planning on getting an 1/8th (at $40), but my guy was at the end of his sack so he threw in the extra 2.2 for free. I was psyched to say the least :D
  16. toke that shit up like there aint no tomorrow
  17. good stuff. is that a dorm chair i see? +rep for nice pics
  18. I have no idea what you're talking about :p
  19. the wooden chair in the pictures, is that from a college dorm? it looks like the chairs that were in the one i used to be in.
  20. My previous post was meant as sarcasm (I'm pretty blazed after a wake and bake so maybe it didn't make much sense haha), but yes, this is a dorm chair. Surprisingly comfortable. On second thought, I suppose you just get used to them.

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