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new pickup/cleaner pipe

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by stallisgood420, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. just picked up a half oz of this bud for $165, its got a nice sweet smell and the nugs are super dense.:hello:

    and it tastes amazing out of freshly cleaned pipe.





  2. nice. looks like some good beasts
  3. stallisgood420 you from wisconsin if so madison area saw identical buds to that on two pick ups really dense. solid buds
  4. yea my guy said this shit gets shipped in through las vegas and a lot of it too, i wouldnt be suprised if its up in mad-town as well, but yea im not complaining with these buds i love em.:D
  5. some regular old beasters nothing new. Oh and whoever said they have bud that looks like it all beasters looks practically the same. I live in NC and have seen beast just like that countless times.
  6. Nice pickup and very nice spoon. +rep
  7. any nugs is good nugs
  8. yeah for sure. Is yours dro (look down the steams and look for a tiny whole running down the steam) I don't know ours did on the bigger buds. P.S. Was that a Yes to Wisconsin and Madison or not to either?
  9. i smoked them already so i cant check the stems but i do remember that they were purple, i thought that was kinda weird. But yes i do live in wisconsin but i live in the milwaukee area not madison
  10. nice well we got them a couple of times so best luck on getting it again. My one roommate thought it smelled premature he has growen a few times and i kinda believe it. but i enjoyed it thats for sure.

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