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New Pickup ~~Blue Cheese~~

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Pyromanic, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Picked up a dime of blue cheese in SFl. Got free reggies.
    The blue cheese is on top obv.

    This weed is so fire.

    Definitely the best in a while.
  2. looked shitty in the first pic

    but looks fkn awesome in the 2nd. nice compact dank shit!

    nice man, how much you get, for how much($)??
    just seen u got dime and some regs
  3. I got all this (1g cheese 2g regs) for $10
  4. damn thats SOO good.

    how do you get such a hook up?

    thats how it should be :D
  5. Maybe I am misjudging by the quality of the pictures but in the first picture it looks like you have .5 of bud and .5 of what looks like tobacco on the bottom of the bag. Not saying it's not a worthy deal, it may be to you.. but that's not a gram of blue cheese and two grams of reggies. :p
  6. I've weighed it and it most definitely is a gram of bud (0.94g) and 2 grams of shake (1.89g)
    Not everything is as it seems killaman94

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