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New pick up what do you think it is?!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Infamous Smoke, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Guess away! It is a 70/30 indica dominant!

    Attached Files:

  2. It looks good enough to smoke haha. What strain is it?
  3. Have no idea! That's why I'm asking y'all and it's good to smoke (;
  4. It's like sex for my eyeballs
  5. Looks like an AK strain, which makes sense cause that looks like some seriously dank stuff right there
  6. It has a strong smell like og or skunk haven't had ak47! It knocks me the fuck out
  7. looks like boo boo
  8. premature butthole kush
  9. Poorly grown home fluffy dont get you high weed.




    Pube hair Kush
  10. Pubic Hair Haze
  11. haha i trolled hard once and posted a picture of my chopped up pubes in the stash jar. said it was some pubic haze
  12. its green as fuck send me some and il give u my oppinion;D
  13. [quote name='"OvrShot"']looks like boo boo[/quote]
    )): sad face
  14. [quote name='"silentbob182"']its green as fuck send me some and il give u my oppinion;D[/quote]

    Well if I ever run into you I got a j for you bro haha
  15. hairy asshole cush
  16. not-so funky monkey?
    grower was an asshole who cared more about money than final product hazey diesely skunky bush kush?
  17. Its the amazing Resin-less Kush.

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