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New Pick Up [Blackberry Kush, White Rhino, OG Kush] Yummy!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Five To One, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]
    ^Purpleish on the inside, green on the outside^


    ......and then my camera died. I will update with more pix. My first time ever smoking any of these strains so i am quite excited. Just tried white rhino and i am fucking blasted.
    + REP for sure!!!
  3. good shit 521 which tube is it goin in?
  4. +rep for being blasted.
    that bud looks absolutely fucking delicious I hope you enjoy it man
  5. awesome selection, I like the og the best. have fun smokin em!
  6. #6 Nuggz, Feb 17, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 17, 2009
    Wow! ALL DANK! From the looks I'd say Blackberry Kush is the Dankest? +Rep 4 sure! :smoke:

    Edit- I Gotta Spread sum +Rep Brotha! :smoke:
  7. blackberry kush is soo nice.
    have fun with all of those dank strains.
  8. finally another one of your pickups from the delivery service :)...that blackberry kush looks great...the og kush i had was similar to that and knocked me the fuck out along with the price it was too. got a favorite out of the 3?
  9. all looks yummy congrads:hello:
  10. i want some of that blackberry

  11. hopefully that toro....hes making me buy a toro after looking at his glass thread. that thing is insane...either that or an EHLE
  12. yeah i was thinkin the same thing that's what I would be doin

  13. unless he feels like whipping out the heavy hitter illadelph...i wouldnt mind hitting that with a shit load of crushed ice.
  14. i only took 1 hit one hit so far, and yes it was the toro. I tried the white rhino and im wrecked.

    OG kush was top shelf (private stock aka more expensive) hahah.

  15. i got an 8th of ogkush that ran me was nice but definitly one of those types of buds that wrecks u and leaves u stoned. i know i couldnt move...i just put on some nice music and laid back on my couch...didnt move to get the clicker because iw as stuck
  16. Lol, every time i see pictures like this i hate my state more and more for not having dispensary's. Nice buds +rep

  17. its not a dispensary...its newyork and its a great state for bud. i have yet to had bud bud from new york...every time it amazes me. however i have never had delivery service quality like this
  18. i love that og kush bro...
  19. NY does not have dispensary's. Actually NY is one of the strictest states against bud. Just gotta pay a little extra, but fuck everything is more expensive in NYC.

    ....and i think i am gonna have to give that OG kush a try.
  20. What when i go to NYC everything i always cheap. Got like 10 bad ass shirts for 25$, and once a cool little Do-Dee pipe for 5$

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