New phone need help rep if ya can help me!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Shamrock0820, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. ok so my buddy got a new phone its crazzy. so anyways he gave me his razor (the new one) i think. but when i put my simcard in it askes for a subcity password and i don't know what that means. I know on ebay you can buy unlocked cell phones, but how do i unlock mine? anyone know i want to use this thing its sick
  2. Ok man, I just smoked a fat bowl so I'm going to do my best on this. It may or may not make sense. :p

    I think that you need like a four digit password to unlock your cellphone. Call your service provider/his, whoevers phone you want to unlock, call that cell provider. I don't think you can access the internet on an unlocked phone because Cingular and them won't send it over an unsecure network.
  3. i would personally go into your cell phone provider's store and talk to a represenative thats really cool, he could maybe unlock your phone for free, but sometimes they charge.
  4. I would just get your friend and go to the provider store and they should be able to switch it over no prob, bro, good luck though. JOE.
  5. 5 bucks... not that much to lose.
  6. irish google razr unlock code

    you can find codes to unlock phones on google.

    goodluck bro!:smoking:

  7. nexis i love you im about to go check
  8. yo guys, i found a site that unlockes for free thanks to nexis but i cant find my model name..? how do i find out what model razer i have without having a box? i looked everywhere on the phone itself and inside
  9. If its the new one with video it is the V3c.

  10. Yeah, Dannk! has it right, its some sort of V3, thats what all the razrs are.
  11. If you want to know the acctual version number of you phone:
    Switch your phone off
    Press and hold the * and # keys
    Now press and hold the red power key until you see a new screen
    This black screen with white writing will display
    Boot Loader xx.xx

    xx.xx is the version number.

  12. SHAM- for model number, take out the battery and it should be somewhere there <3
  13. wow nice info. rep deffiantly
  14. You can purchase subsidy password to unlock your Motorola Razor from any commercial vendors online like

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