New phire stemline

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  1. Just picked this up at my LHS today for $240 altogether and they had a drawing going on whenever you spent $10 you got a free raffle ticket for a drawing Feb 2nd for a frosted double chandelier perc and he gave me 49 of them lol, he was pretty cool and let me water-test a few pieces to help me find out what I really wanted

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  2. Very cool pickup, dude. Objectively, I would feel safer if my a/c was a straight 90, considering its stemless. Still, looks like a great smoke and I'd bet that it's a pretty nice dab too.
  3. not a lot of love for that brand....not only is it overpriced but it is not boro glass...

    apix gridded stemline is 145..thats 240.. and it has like 6 slits..

    even vertigo makes a simple stemline, and its only 200...
  4. not really diggin' the slots of the stemline but if it gets you high, who am i to say less. enjoy :D

    keep it trilla.
  5. I was gonna get one from apix but I wanted to get a worked piece if I got one from him and the waiting list is really long, plus I have a really good chance of winning that double perc, but I haven't found any flaws in the glass and they sold out of the 90 degree a/c but the one I got is only temporary until I find one I like, afterwords my friend is gonna buy it for his beaker tube

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