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new philosiphy about life

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tokin dank, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. #1 Tokin dank, Mar 16, 2012
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    Here we go il try and explain it best I can… its kinda complicated :confused:

    We all live and die it’s a simple concept of life but what if your family , friends, children , the whole planet has all been you in all the different forms of life you have been in the past compiled together like an overlay so that each individual life form looks like it’s a whole (life on earth ) and now you have been living for too long and are free to spectate it and interact as you please:eek:

    edit: example: you have a dog, you were your dog in the past along with milions of other animals and now you see them all at the same time
  2. so i was my cat in a past life, and now that i exist in my current form, my cat is seemingly a different being...yet she is really just myself in a different state?

    im not going to lie...that makes sense. im not being sarcastic, if what i said is what you mean then your on to something.

    everything that exists is me in a different form that is altered in a way to make it so i cant be 2 things at once in terms of a prospective!

    dude im not even high right now....
  3. in other words...we are all one!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. lolololololololololololololol no
  5. seeing how Atoms and energy are recycled from creature to creature.....and it has been proven that we are made up of star dust....i think you just took what was already known and translated it to yourself.

    and that my friends is religion!
  6. I saw this idea on some other website. It was different though. I'm curious; did you come to this idea on your own or were you just telling us about something you read/heard? I think it is interesting how sometimes people will come up with the same idea without being influenced by the others with that idea.
  7. I'm not high enough to understand
  8. I'm high and don't know what's going on here
  9. Anything is possible.

    But we are all One.

    Always and Forever.

  10. no dude you were all the animals on earth for millions of years and now you are living with all of them at the same time

  11. i was at the airport in line waiting to check in looking at people when i thought about it kinda creeped me out
  12. #12 BlazeLE, Mar 17, 2012
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    i had a similar theory but i was baked and i dont remember much of it. however i had another one that really stuck. everything that has ever happened and ever will happen is happening simultaneously, but in different dimensions. and we are living in these different dimensions without realizing it. i believe this is where our fascinations come from. from what i can tell most people have certain fascinations that we cant explain (like why it fascinates us). for me its feudal japan more specifically the samurai. i believe our fascinations are formed from our closest dimensional ties. my friend has a theory (that he came up with using certain unmentionables) that there is no beginning and no end its just a constant stream of dimensions which sort of falls in line with my theory. the way he explained it put a good image in my head.

    here is basically what i saw in my head when he was explaining it. each of the ovals is a dimension. the green one is the current dimension we are in. idk why i saw them as getting smaller then bigger i just did. the overlaps is where i believe our fascinations come from.

    weed is awesome.

  13. If that pattern of circles continues the outermost circles (outside of that picture) would end up self-enveloping all of the other circles, making it one giant dimension (fascination) if you look at it in a 3D manner; if you could produce that image electronically with depth wouldn't it resemble another dimension?

    or am i just high
  14. i disagree with your hypothesis
  15. well like i said there is no end or beginning so they have plenty of room and thats just how i saw it it my head when he was explaining it. i just drew it from memory rather than changing it. the actual thing would just be same sized circles.
  16. when i was a kid i used to think that there was another me on a nother planet/dimension that did everything perfect and he was the man on world. I would think about this everyday almost just imagining a me making all the right decisions to make life sweet fast forward about 5-10 and the movie the "The One" comes out with Jet Li and Jason Statham basically exactly what i was imagining in a movie. just thought id share that since were talking about theories and such. Peace
  17. well i disagre with you being thrist go get a drink kid grow up!@@#R:mad:

    OPS theory in my head:
    so at one point in time i was a chipmunk therefore i can see chipmunks?
    so i once was a airplane?

    other dudes theory:


  18. thats what i said. i just dumbed it down and used one example
  19. when i was little i used to think that i was the protagonist in a movie and i was being watched my a giant and his son....fuck that's just the christian brainwashing of a little kid...never mind.

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