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  2. They are too afraid to do the right thing because they fear they might not be reelected since marijuana is largely viewed by the American public as dangerous because it is illegal and a "drug". But to those same people alcohol and tobacco are not drugs, they are just alcohol and tobacco.
  3. My favorite conversation with people...

    Me: "Do you smoke weed?"
    Them: "No I don't smoke weed. I don't do drugs."
    Me: "Do you drink?"
    Them: "Yes."
    Me: "Well, alcohol is a drug and it's a lot more dangerous than cannabis"
    Them: *Giving me funny look* "Well it's still bad for you and its illegal."
    Me: "If it's so bad, would it be used medicinally in 16 states? Did you know that studies have shown it may actually be a potential cure for cancer?"
    Them: "You know, studies like that aren't really legitimate."
    Me: "Is that what your mother told you?"

    We could end up going back and forth like this for a while. The conversation always ends with me feeling triumphant and them not believing a word I just said.
    I like arguing when I'm right.:smoke:
  4. Sadly, you may just anger them in the process too. I've had this exchange with people before. Ultimately, they erroneously seem to think the wheels of American politics are still healthy and not tampered with, and that if you want to see change, "get the laws changed then." If you ask for their support, usually a "hell no" is the response. It's not "their cause" so they really, ultimately, couldn't give a shit, unfortunately. :(

  5. Yeah I almost always anger them actually. I tend to get a bit condescending when I talk to people like that.
  6. Having conversations with people about marijuana tends to diverge into 3 branches
    1) I don't give a **** you're wrong.
    2) Pull all the stats you want, it's bad for you.
    3) Oh really? Let's smoke some! (Still waiting for this response xD)

  7. Yeah, and you have to be careful, after the conversation most of them will likely tell everybody they know that you are a low-life junkie drug dealer...and they will be believed, possibly bringing a shit storm on you at the time you least expect it....jmo..

  8. i think you have every right to be condescending. i have stopped letting people talk out of their ass about how cannabis is bad for you, including my own relatives. since i have begun college, i have seen many sheltered youth try to badmouth the herb, and when i am present, they NEVER get away with it. i drop all the same facts as you, as well as mentioning how the decriminalization of drugs in portugal went over really well. they begin to get frustrated and angry, but its mostly because all they can do is regurgitate talking points while we use (god forbid) FACTS to win our argument. it only gets better when my laptop is on hand and i start pulling up studies and statistics.

    stay high guys, peace :cool:
  9. Sadly, someone who is opposed may view any condescension or heated debating style to be "caused by the weed!" :D What's a de-facto response when people don't agree with your opinion in America? "What have you been smoking?" :rolleyes:
    Our own Pres even used it at his "town hall" in response to one of those stupid online petitions. :eek::mad: And he smoked the stuff!! :rolleyes:
  10. Some people are so hopelessly addicted to the system they will do anything and everything to fight against those that want to take away their crutch (in ability to think for themselves)
  11. Still at 1255 lol
  12. I don't think this will be getting 22,000 votes in 13 days.
  13. I think it has gone beyond petitions to Obama,not just about marijuana,,he hasn't answered any of petitions that address ending any of the wasted tax dollars by the federal governments bureaucracies.

    Bureaucracies are a self feeding cancer,,if they aren't requesting more funding every budget hearing it indicates that they aren't doing their jobs,in their minds.
  14. People arnt voting on those petitions anymore because they know by now that its all a dog and pony show. A total waste of time. They answer the stupid little petitions to act like they give half a rats ass and totally ignore the big issues that would hurt them and benefit us.

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