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Discussion in 'General' started by whos_gotherb311, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. Well i was in the kitchen, and spotted a baby gecko, so I grabbed him, and decided to keep him as a pet. So far Ive kept him in a glass for temporary keeping, but Im gonna make a better home for him tonight. Maybe a shoebox or something. I havnt named him yet, but have a few names. Heres a pic of him.

    Hope yall like him.

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  2. why was a gecko in your kitechn? wher do you live?
  3. Id let the bugger go, he doesnt have a good chance of living in a jar...he has to eat

    let the bugga go! :smoke:
  4. Geckos need precise conditions to stay healthy in captivity and the odds of you reproducing those conditions in a shoe box are nil. Let it go.
  5. yes man let him go.... point in makeing him suffer for your ammusemnt..

  6. that was my thoughts lol
    toke on :smoke:
  7. Ive moved him from the jar I had to this big aquarium weve had for awhile. I went to Leo Land website and talked to people on there, and they told me exactly what to do. Alot of people have pets like these. I was thinking of putting him outside, but I found in my kitchen, and hes just a baby, so I dont think hes ever been outside before, so would he still be able to survive out in the big wild world?
    As for why he was in my kitchen, i really dont know. I saw him on my counter, and grabbed him. I live in Texas, and theres alot of lizards on the outside of my house, never seen them on the inside though.
  8. He's cool looking. If you're capable of taking care of him and what not, then do it. Get him a nice little home and just chill out with the little guy.
  9. the air condtioner will kill him hes an anfibian(sp?) so the AC takes out the moistur in the air turning him into a raisin.

  10. lol...........

  11. We used to get geckos in our shower. We called em "penis eating lizards" just to be scary.

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