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  1. Hey i've decided to go with a pc stealth grow i'll get some pictures later of it but first can anyone help me with finding a 100watt cfl u-tube or 110watt cfl u-tube can i get one at home depot or walmart? i'll show you what i mean.

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  2. large specialty bulbs like that have to be special ordered. best bet is ebay or an online lighting store.
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    Thanks for the advice =]. I managed to find a site called and was able to find a 105watt(this is not the equivalent wattage its the actual watt)6500k and a 105watt 2700k. Do you think i could trust the site? it seems like it's trustworthy. here's the pics of the lights.:) Should i get them? i want those because they would fit in my PC box. And also i forget where on here but i saw someone who had a light and an extension cord with power i have that but he also had a plug that plugged into the power cord which could then have a light screwed right into the power cord. Could i get those at home depot i remember someone saying that.

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  4. like a light socket that has the two prongs on the end of it to plug into an outlet?? yeah they sell them at HD they're pretty cheap too. but i dunno what the plug size is on those large bulbs. is it a regular size plug??
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    they are called mogul plugs or sockets. something like that. it's just a small adaptor you screw a bulb into which lets you then plug it up to a power outlet or extention cord, whatever. :)

    those bulbs you have pictured i think have medium sockets. they are made for desk lamps and crap. make sure what you get is for a standard lamp or house light
  6. Yes, the u6 and u8 style bulbs take a mogul socket. Hydro farms makes them, they run about $11

    sunlightsolutions has those bulbs in 6400k and 2700k in 125w and 5000k in 200w
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    Is $40 for each bulb a good price?
  8. no, the SOCKETS are $11.

    As for the bulbs I listed, I just wanted you to know there are stronger options if you want to spend a couple more dollars

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