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  1. Hey everyone

    Started a PC grow a couple of weeks ago

    The design is based off of the other pc grows seen here with 4x 27 watt cfl bulbs and some fans

    Below is the log that was kept along with some pictures so far.


    The seed was germinated by placing the seed in a standard size cup of water for 18 hours covered with a black material to block light. The seed was pushed to the bottom with a non leaded mechanical pencil. From here the seed was transferred to a plate with 2 pieces of paper towel layered on top of each other then folded to fit under a bowl. The seed was placed on top of the two moist paper towels. Then a third sheet folded to fit covered the seed. All three sheets were damp prior to the seed being placed on them. The bowl is fit on top of a plate and left in complete darkness.

    Day 1 - Sept 12, 2010
    The seed was planted in a small pot 2x as deep as the seed was tall under the soil on Sept 12 2010 around 11:20pm. The root had already curled over twice in an S shape so the root was faced downward instead of upwards in order to prevent more stress to the plant. The soil was watered. Both exhaust fans and all lights were turned on 24hr operation and the lights were as close to the pot as was possible which was around 1cm.

    Day 2 - Sept 13, 2010
    Noticed the morning of Sept 13 that the soil was very dry so the plant was watered and 1 of the lights was removed (3 remaining on).

    Day 3 - Sept 14, 2010 (80 F/ 65% humidity)
    The plant had emerged and lost the seed casing. It is about one centimeter above the soil and the two beginner leaves look healthy and green.

    Day 4 - Sept 15, 2010 (78 F/ 65% humidity)
    The first true leaves have grown

    Day 10 Sept 21, 2010
    The plant was transplanted to its full size pot and has been changed over to "soilless" mix. Started the plant on nutrients

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  2. Today is day 17!

    After the plant was transplanted and started on nutes ( a local shops custom mix at about 50% started on day 15) it stayed healthy looking for the next couple of days. The lights were raised slightly to keep some of the heat away. The lights were also switched to 20/4 instead of the 24hr operation on day 15.

    Today the leaves appear to curl up and they are yellowing a bit. A fan was added to blow across the plant itself as all of the other fans are exhaust only. The lights were also switched to 20/4 instead of the 24hr operation on day 15. Any ideas as to what can be done to help it out?


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  3. How's the ph of the water being used? Also the yellowing could be cause by over-nutrients.
  4. Hey again,

    The ph is around 7.2-7.4. The bottom leaves have become even more yellow but there is new growth that looks healthy to me but i'm not sure. The leaves seem to be curling down away from the light. The plant has 4 - 27 watt cfl's that are about 4" above it currently - should it be reduced or moved away from the plant or could something else be causing this.

    Thanks for any help

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  5. thats nute burn not heat from the lights
  6. Thanks for the help. The plants last watering a few days ago was its first nutes. Water yesterday was without nutes. What should be done to try to help the little plant out. Less nutes, no nutes yet?

    Thanks again!
  7. Might be Nitrogen burn? If you're using nitrogen as an added nute then perhaps cutting back a little bit might help? I'm obviously new here, just trying to help out! ^^
  8. Yesterday the plants water was changed back to distilled water, but it is a wick system, do you flush the medium from the top or will the wick system flush the nutrients, also about how long should it take to see healthy signs in the folliage that showed the burns in the first place and would it be normal to see continued discoloration off that folliage
  9. Here are two pictures of the leaves that have become worse.

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  10. if you can i would carefully pick the two yellow fan leafs off
  11. dont worry about the leaves man, they are just old and have been removed by the plant for room for your brand new green ones, pick them off carefully.
  12. Classic Nitrogen deficiency in veg. Check your pH and then feed them!

  13. What is the best way to check the PH when using a "soilless" mix in a wick style container with the water in the bottom while using a digital ph meter?
  14. The old leaves were removed but the next two leaves up the stem are now showing indications of something, haha, but not sure if it's to little or to much nitrogen, the water was changed two days ago to include very little fert's would this be a good indication that its a deficiency and not a burn

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  15. Nute burn will show on the leaf tips first... This is a slow fading... I'm not familar with your wick system, but what is the pH of your res? I think they're just hungry... feed them 1/2 to 3/4 strength nutes before you lose any more leaves...

  16. thanks loki

    PH in the res was 6.8

    Picked up PH down and now it is 5.5 (the water in the media is still high so it should come up a bit). Added nutes at about 50%. Pictures later today when it can be checked on
  17. Sometimes it's better to leave the bad leaves on until you get the problem stabilized because those leaves are a "dumping ground" for nutes. If you pluck them the plant will just have to make new dumping ground leaves.

    That's one theory that I've seen crop up but different people will tell you different things. Sometimes the best answer is just experience.:smoke:

    Good Luck!
  18. I agree...

  19. I would recommend letting the plant dry out a little more than usual, until it starts showing signs of getting too dry. Watering the miracle gro makes more nutes come out. It's time release fertilizer. So if you let it dry out maybe some of the nutes will relax a little.
  20. The soil it is in right now is "soilless" and there are no nutes in it but thanks for the suggestion

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