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New Pax vaporizer by Ploom?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by breakdanzer, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Hey guys. I was looking at which new portable vape to buy, and I stumbled upon the Pax vaporizer. This thing blew me away. I already have the iolite and magic flight, but I now think I'm going to preorder this thing. Anyone thinking about doing the same? i know the price is kind of steep, but looks way too awesome to pass. here's a video of it [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDgyIBLaRb8]Pax Premium Vaporizer by Ploom - YouTube[/ame]
  2. A handful of people already have them and they've been getting really positive reviews so far. It seems to be really well built, have a clean vapor path, good battery life and nice bowl size.

    The Pax and the PuffIt are currently on my radar for a new portable with the edge to the Pax right now. I'll wait till it is fully released and hope the price drops to $199 or just buy one if its too awesome.
  3. Wow! I was thinking about getting the solo but now I'm torn not sure what I should get lol.
  4. Yea this thing looks dope. Real nice bowl. bigger battery than the solo I think And a lil smaller looks like a viable option.
  5. if it was around the 150 area, i would buy it
  6. I'll wait till it gets all the kinks out and has a following before I even research it.
  7. Beautiful piece of work. Can easily be said to be a portable battery or some shit. I love it
  8. [quote name='"TheTerps"']if it was around the 150 area, i would buy it[/quote]

    If its built as nice as it looks ill be happy.
  9. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqayKIFN_iE]PAX by Ploom Full Session Demo #2 - YouTube[/ame]



    Those are three videos I shot using the PAX. You can expect a full review in the next week or so. I still have to keep doing some testing before I make my final assessments.
  10. I've heard the puffit sucks in comparison but the whole inhaler thing almost has me sold
  11. [quote name='"Nate489"']I've heard the puffit sucks in comparison but the whole inhaler thing almost has me sold[/quote]

    The inhaler aspect and the included bud-stirrer especially intreague me

  12. The drag is not bad. I find it less then a solo stem. It reminds me of smoking a nicely packed joint.

    The Stir tool on the Puffit does not do much. Someone else said it seemed to just move the stuff around in a mass and not stir it. I will be reviewing the Puffit as well when I get my hands on it.
  13. Awesome.

    A direct comparison of the Puffit and Pax would be much appreciated since they are so similar.
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    I been using the PAX Ploom for about a week - signed up for a chance to win and get one early from some contest i entered like over a year ago. Obviously I thought it was bs when I got the e-mail said I was one of the people chosen to win a PAX for free and get it about a month before it's available to everyone... few day's later it show's up on my steps - def shocked about that. Must of put in my address lol.

    I already own the MFLB and vapir no2 but used these a good amount of times - both iolites, vapir no2, divinchi if your only talking portables.

    After looking it up I thought it was going to be another overpriced piece of crap (before hand only the MFLB I thought was the best and cheapest one of em all to buy). Although it looks weird online and I thought that also, it's really a solid built, ipod coating feeling comfortable unit.

    It is $250 but if you want a portable vaporizer that is quality built and gives nice hits, it is worth the price and I would buy it if I didn't get one. Auto cooldown with 10 seconds of no use is so awesome, specially for people who forget and do something else... it won't waste any herb. Pick it up and it heats up by itself and your ready to vape again.

    It does produce a nice amount of vapor which on the medium temp is perfect between coolness and vape, I would say it was the best from any other portable vaporizer. My only complaint about the unit which isn't a big deal is I feel you have to inhale just a harder than then other vaporizers and inhale a little harder for about 6-10 seconds depending on what herb you got inside.

    Other than that, just wanted to give my opinion on it for anyone debating whether to try it or not so I hope I was able to give some insight as to someone who isn't selling it or trying to promote a affiliate website like some.

    Peece out, time to PAX it up hah
  15. this thing looks pretty awesome i jmust say. i already own the mflb myself but this looks like the best option out there for a portable vape that could accommodate a few friends. thanks for the reviews and vids guys i cant wait to try this thing out for myself!
  16. i lost my mflb like last week, and im really torn if I should save up for this, or just buy the mflb and later buy the ploom. what would you guys do?
  17. [quote name='"breakdanzer"']i lost my mflb like last week, and im really torn if I should save up for this, or just buy the mflb and later buy the ploom. what would you guys do?[/quote]

    Buy the Ploom.

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