New Passion Begins?

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  1. Well I didn't JUST get laid but last night was pretty interesting :D

    During last period I started flirting with this girl i've been trying to fuck since school started. I asked of she was going to my buddy's party;free booze and bud, she said she would think about it and would text me later. Class ended and she needed a ride home because she didn't feel like dealing with freshmen on the bus. So I was cool with that and drove her home, during the 2 mile trip she starts smiling like non-stop, I start to laugh and smile back as we make funny stoned conversation. I park in her driveway and she wants me to come in for awhile ;)!! I got super excited and try to reply calmly, "alright, we can chill together for awhile." we watch some netflix in her room while smiling like some love at first site shit. I pull out a blunt and we spark it up in her garage. Quite stoned she turns on some music and says she wants to dance when we went back inside. At first I was just messing around and being playful about it, then she starts to grind on me. I start to get hard and slowly touch her stomach while the music is playing. She takes my hand and PUSHES IT AWAY!!! :O
    She said that she just wasnt ready for anything yet.. Disappointed, i left shortly after and told her I would text her.

    At about 9 my buddy tells me to come over to his party, still a little confused and disappointed about earlier I needed something fun to do, so I go to the party as I planned. I go to my bathroom and execute the three S's (shit, shower, shave) and when I go to my room and notice I got a text from earlier. I see who it from and its her, I call her and ask if she wants to come with still and she says yeah. I go to pick her up, as soon as she gets in the car it got really awkward. I told her sorry about earlier and she said that she was sorry too but she just got really horny. I laugh and and start to smile. She smiles back and we start to drive to my buddies house. We finally get there and spark up a J in his living room. She puts her hand on my leg and I start to hug her. We make eye contact and I go in for a kiss. We make out and she tells me that her parents are going to be gone all night and she is ready to go home. So I quick dip and say bye and thanks to my friends and we drive home. During the drive home we hold hands and play with each others palms and wrists. I pull up to her driveway and we go inside. We go straight for her room and turn some soft sensual music. She lays down on her bed and tells me to come next to her. I do, and put my hand on her thigh while biting her neck and spooning her. She turns around, we lock eyes and start to make out. She pulls down her booty shorts and I take off my jeans and reach for the jimmy in my pocket. She tells me she really wants me bad, so I smile.. Naked, erect and pretty damn high. I pull her thong down and start to massage that cute little pussy while licking her inner thighs, she got really fucking wet and starts to moan. I put the condom on and start to pump my shit ;). This was new to me, we didn't really fuck, we made love last night. Slow, passionate and LOTS of eye contact. She came and I shortly after did too. I start to get up and she tells me not to leave in an almost sad voice. So I get back in bed, spoon her while we talked for a little longer. We both fall asleep after a couple minutes.

    When I woke up she was still sleeping, I get up, put on my jeans and look at my phone. 20 MESSAGES from my friends asking "did you get it in? Are you going to fuck?.. Etc" I smile and wake her up and tell her I gotta go get ready for work. She says okay and to call her later today. So.. I go home and shower, eat and blaze and get my uniform on. During work she texts me and i text her back and we make plans to chill again tomorrow :D I go home, blaze again call her and talk about last night and shortly start this thread.

    Im thinking about so much right now. I just got out of a long distance relationship that some of you may have known about and this girl respected that but told me I shouldn't be wasting my time on that girl.. Did she want to be more than friends during all that? Idk.. The more I think about this girl the more I like her.. I sense a relationship beginning. (hopefully)

    I think this was my biggest post EVER! So much to think about!!!
  2. UPDATE: im going to her house right now. She called and told me she wants me over for the last night of her parents being gone! I'll update this thread in the morning :D so excited
  3. hit dat shit doggy yo
  4. this is adorable. good for you op :hello:
  5. Looks like you got yourself a lady man enjoy that shit in the moment man.
  6. Good for you.
  7. dude. freakin awesome. good job!
  8. Just got home! Work in a couple hours and lots of storytelling to happen :D

    So on the way to her house last night I sparked up a blunt, was about 11:20 when I packed my backpack with clothes, bud, piece and blunt wraps. Pulled into her driveway at about 11:30ish and knocked on the door.

    She opened the door in a pair of yoga pants and a lowcut shirt, I told her she looked beautiful because she was/is. I looked deep into her eyes and noticed the fresh makeup on her face and smiled. She laughed and pulled out a joint and we went into her backyard on her trampoline. She had her stereo setup and started playing some soft hip-hop music while we chilled on the trampoline just laying there talking.

    Apparently she has been digging me for awhile but didn't think the feelings were mutual. She told me during that friday afternoon smoke session in her room she realized that she really likes me. The only reason she didn't want to have sex then was because her feelings would've been hurt extremely if I didn't want to be in a relationship with her. I held her closer and we start spooning on the trampoline in the darkness.
    I've been digging this chick for quite some time but never thought a relationship would work out at all because she was just WAY outta my league.. But I just kept trying and thats what she liked about me. Then I got into a bullshit LDR and she felt hurt by that. I told her that if I knew she was digging me that I would have leaped for her in a second. She smiled and said,"Im just glad I have you now.. You're something else Zach, Feels like a just dreamt a perfect guy and now here you are."

    I smiled as she turned around, we lock eyes and I go in for a kiss. She closed her eyes and we gently begin to make-out. I start to rub her thigh and while holding her waist. She opens her eyes, smiles and slides her hand down my pants and starts to stroke my dick. I smile and take off my shorts and boxers, she leans over and starts to suck so gently on me. I stroke her hair as se gives me head while we softly bounce on the trampoline. I cum and she lays down smiling next to me. I lean over and stick my hand down her shirt. She starts to wiggle when I softly play with her nipples :D I laugh and she takes off her shirt and yoga pants and lays there in just a thong. I lick her nipples and slowly make my way down to her clit and start to eat her out while massaging her thighs. She orgasms and after she finally catches her breath gets her clothes and leads me inside. We go into her room and she plays music on her laptop. She then lays on the bed, looking at me smiling. I look down and notice my shorts an boxers are missing and I have the biggest boner of my life :D

    I get on top of her and she holds my back. I stick my dick in her and start to slowly thrust. She wiggles her hips while I thrust and she stars to moan. I go faster after a few position changed she orgasms again for the second time tonight. Shortly after I cum she grabs a joint off her desk and we spark it up. We talk for awhile while spooning and we fall asleep together.

    When I woke up I went for my bag and put some clothes on. Woke her up and we make out again. She smiles and starts to rub her hand on my dick. I ask her if she wants more and she says yeah. This time I jump straight into it and start pounding her shit and cum before she does. We get ourselves together and go to the kitchen and make some bacon and eggs together. We smile at each other eating this delicious meal and spark up a blunt I rolled while she made the bacon. We smoke it while eating and talk about school tomorrow. I say goodbye and give her a kiss and promise we'll see each other after school on Tuesday.

    We'll GC long story short I went to her house, smoked weed, got head on a trampoline, ate her out on a trampoline, went to her room and fucked in there, woke up and fucked again, ate breakfast and said goodbye.

    :D this is going to be an amazing relationship
  9. you sir, are a lucky dude (and a good writer!)
  10. [quote name='"Bleenix"']you sir, are a lucky dude (and a good writer!)[/quote]

    Thanks haha, im going to remember these past 48 hours forever
  11. damn, sounds like some great sex. congrats! enjoy it while you can
  12. Hit half mast reading that... Good for you bro. Things still going well?

    I gotta find me a lady... It's been way too long.

  13. [quote name='"MMM3"']Hit half mast reading that... Good for you bro. Things still going well?

    I gotta find me a lady... It's been way too long.


    Yeah, with work and chilling with her I dont have much time posting on GC but I am having the time of my life right now :D
  14. wow good job dude hope everything works out
  15. [quote name='"asian smokeez"']wow good job dude hope everything works out[/quote]

    Thanks haha
  16. i have a boner.

    but good shit homie
  17. [quote name='"GillyTHEkid"']i have a boner.

    but good shit homie[/quote]

    Did my experience stimulate this sexual arrousal? :D
  18. good job man!
  19. [quote name='"JEI3US"']good job man![/quote]

    Thanks haha :)
  20. Glad to see someones gettin some lol the last girl I dated for 2 months never gave it up. We dont talk anymore so im back to square 1......fapping to porn on these lonely nights.

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