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New Ounce i just picked up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mattkent420, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Quick video off the ounce i got, and a toke.

    [ame=""]New Oz - Bud - YouTube[/ame]

    heres a few pictures.



    video explain it abit more.

    what you think?
  2. beautiful. check out the stash jar
  3. Nice man, gonna have to sub your youtube.
    Love how you make videos then threads showing them
    keep it up
  4. just had a look, thanks for that mate.
  5. cheers for the feedback man, i think im starting to run out of things to talk about though, ideas? haha
  6. talk about music, or something besides weed man. but have the weed there while also referring backto it every now n then. maybe some news shit even tho.
    talk aboutanything man
  7. thats deffanitley some of the better looking weed ive seen out of the UK. could use a little more of a trim job but it aint no thang. how much did it run you?

    stay high bro
  8. Looks like a bad trimming job, but good frosty dank bud.

    Got some milkiness there too
  9. set me back $250 AUD, im happy with it, ill probably buy another ounce of wake n bake stuff.

    haha doing my best man.

    ill keep this in mind man, cheers.
  10. cheers.

    I have a bad feeling im going to smoke to much before driving to work this morning >.<

    todays the day i get fired, haha
  11. #12 Ratio, Mar 13, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 13, 2012
    oh shit your australian? tottaly thought you were british haha.

    subbed to your youtube channel btw.
  12. Looks dank man, not the best trimming but hell shit looks like fire, enjoy man.
  13. yeah man im aussie :D

    ill try get some more vids up soon but i usually do it as a morning sunrise thing haha

    agreed, wish you could fire it up with me haha, no one live in Melbourne here.


    stay high, see life from a birds eye view.
  14. nice, i cant wait to pick up my ounce. i need my money.
  15. Pay Day Tonight! :hello:
  16. what's $250 AUD in USD? lol

    I need to hit up my connect for another $100 1/4oz...idk where you guys get these crazy deals.
  17. about the same at the moment
  18. Lotzo, Haha golden photo man, made me giggle.

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