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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Dr Spock, Nov 24, 2002.

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  1. Hi all......Will spend my honeymoon in New Orleans.....Wondering if someone got any tips 4 me?
    thx in advance......
  2. Id\' love to go there :)

    Visit the graveyards... apparently they\'re so big they have street names.
  3. kwl...thx...

    And some new words:

    Chocolate (Spain)

    Shit, Teushi, popo,Beuh,Teuhteu (France)

    If I find some new I will send them to you......

  4. What do you want to know about the Big Easy? I spent a couple of years there working and I make it down to the french quarter about twice a year.

    Court of two Sisters restaurant off Royal Street is excellent.

    Street hustlers will ask you \"Bet I know where you got yo shoes at, city and state?\" The correct answer is \"I got \'em right here on Buorbon Street, New Orlean, Lousiana\"

    If you are going to throw beads at girls for showing their tits, try the balcony at the Cats Meow. And buy your beads anywhere else but on Bourbon Street to save a buck or two.

    Try a walking haunted tour of the French Quarter.

    To catch a smoke, step off of Bourbon street and walk a few feet down one of the side streets.

    Try the hamburgers at the Clover Grill, but don\'t make a pass at the waitresses, they make the passes to the customer.

    Two of my favorite bars are \'the Old Absinthe House\' and \'Lafitte\'s Blacksmith shop\'

    anything else you wnat to know, just pm directly!
  5. hey - thanks for the great answer - now we really can\'t wait to get to NO!!!
    So.....down a dark alley or two - will we be OK?
    No throwing beads at girls tits - just married remember!!!!!
    will check out the bars you suggested - which are the best smoky choky man on sax jazz bars with not too many people in?

    Thx anyway
  6. No you don\'t have to slip down a dark alley way, just step off the main drag a hundred feet or so and no one will say a word.

    you may not have to throw beads but you will definately see plenty of boobs just walking around.

    I forgot this one. Go see Big Al Carlson sing at the Funky Pirate. At close to 500 pounds he is still the best New Orleans Blues singer in town.

    My wife also likes to go to the Farmers Market to shop.

    There\'s a couple of head shops in the Quarter, one on St. Peter St. just around from the Catherderal at Jackson\'s square. Another on Decataur Street up from the farmers market. I\'ve never had a need but I\'ve heard that you can score a nug at the Decatuar street shop.

    If you go down to the farmers market, just up a street or two is a Lapidary shop that sells rocks and minerals. They have good deals on jewelry sepecially if your bride likes colored stones. And there is a suer hot sex shop next door to it to check out, I believe its called The Second Skin.

    Good Luck and congratulations on your marriage! And remember after you get married you get to have sex every night!! (but only for the first two days of marriage) LOL
  7. Looks quite kwl.....(message from future wife - his eyes will be blind to all boobs except mine and the sex will last 50 years or so!!!)
    Hey, if we only have sex every day after the marriage, it means we will have to cut down......
    well done for the cam - will spend some hours studing the road crossing - thankx for all the info - will go check out the bars you suggested.
    Any other info you can contact me on

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