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  1. Hello all.Im not totally new to growing but I am new to organics as I have switched from hydro.Well I have 2 small seedlings and they were growing fine until about a week ago.Looks like they have completely quit growing and are now dying.They are becoming wilted and are slowly turning brown.Could this maybe be overwatering or too much nutes?Ive checked the pH and its fine,used to feed my hydro plants all the time with it.Got a pic as well.If anyone can help me that would be great as this is my last female blue cheese and I dont want it to die!!Thanks!!Oh.and Ive also placed a heater in the room as well it had been getting pretty cold in there could that maybe be the problem?

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  2. Sounds like over watering......your soil needs to dry out between waterings. Roots need oxygen to thrive, and when they're over watered they will cause the plant to wilt and even die.
    Try to let it dry out.

    Do you water it daily, or let it dry out for a few days and then water it? The rule of thumb is let it dry till pot feels light, then water until you get runoff. When plant is thoroughly watered, feel the weight of pot so you get an idea of what it weighs dry and wet.

    Also, as a seedling, you don't need to feed anything for the first couple of weeks. The seeds contain enough nutrition for the plant to feed on until a root system develops. Once the root system develops, the plant can be fed. I would feed 1/4 strength at first, and incrementally add more nutrients as plant gets bigger. They will tell you if they need more nutes by the color of the new growth. If its light or lime green, adjust up......if its lush green....keep it at that strength. GL on figuring out your problem.
  3. Well I was watering every other day...then I switched to once a week and this is when it started to happen...the soil even became dry on top before I watered..what would be a good watering schedule for 2 plants in 5 gallon grow bags?I was using about a gallon a week on 2 plants is that too much or too little?See,Ive never had to worry about this with hydro,just change the water every week and im good.Also,if you think i had overwatered in the beginning,and maybe now,am I screwed if I already flushed my soil because I thought I had been feeding them too much?Thanks for all your help bro!
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    If your plants are using the gallon a week then it is not too much. I've never really had a schedule per se..........what I do is use an eight dollar moisture meter with a probe that tells me if my soil is dry-normal-wet. I will water good until water runs out the bottom of my pot. I then check with the meter until it gets down to the Red"Dry" zone, and water again.

    I don't think your screwed if you flushed, just let the pots dry out and keep an eye on them. It's hard to sit by and watch your plants when they are distressed, and sometimes you can try to do TOO much for them. Try letting them dry out, and raise the lights a bit so they're not getting over stressed. If your using grow bags, try setting them on dry bath towels to wick up some of the water. I've done this to help dry out some over wet pots. The holes on the bottom of the bag should allow the soil to touch the towel. let us know how its going.....Good Luck!
  5. aight well Im gonna tone down the nutes as well as the water...I was probably using about a half gallon every 2 days(2 plants) for a week which is probably too much and started this whole problem.For the past 2 weeks they only got a gallon a week.The plants are 3 weeks old.If they survive I'll get some pics when they flower.And if they dont,then I guess I'll start over with the sativa pack from Greenhouse that should be in my box any day now!Thanks man!

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