New Online Headshop,

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  1. New Online Headshop,
    Hello Grasscity Community,
    If you have the time, I would appreciate you stopping by my new online headshop, I have fair prices on high end boro. I would be willing to haggle if your the kind of person that's into that, I am always available through kik (my username heavyhitterzglass). I just opened my shop not too long ago and was looking for some publicity, where better to go than grasscity.
    All of our stock is posted on our Instagram page, as well. Follow @heavyhitterzglass on Instagram to check it out.
    Any questions can be sent to
    Some of the pieces available on the website:
    Instasize(1) 3.jpg

  2. Sounds like a possible scam

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  3. not to be
    rude but your website is shit 😂
  4. I would call a ripoff looking website with 6 pipes a head shop but that the difference between us. Also I like how you put the words here is some of our glass but it's your whole collection plus shit not even on the site

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