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  1. Hows it going stoners, I've been lurking for a couple of weeks and now I've decided to proceed with my ambitious setup. This will be my first indoor grow.

    Budget: $2,000
    Goal: 1-2 lbs /m
    Plants: 6
    #I haven't yet selected my strains.

    Shopping List:

    Medium: Black Gold [FONT=&quot][/FONT]
    Lights: 2x 600w HPS - Can I use these from start to harvest?
    Pots: 6x 5gallon
    Ventilation: My biggest concern - exhaust & Intake fan / oscillating fan
    Ph testing equipment
    Nutrients - What should I get?
    Odor control - Best method?

    WHAT AM I MISSING? Any help would be dearly appreciated and rewarded if need be.

    I know I'm new and still learning, try not to troll in my thread. This is serious business.:smoke:
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    I can't answer all of these Q's but here you go:

    Ventilation: You can grab a Can Carbon Filter / Fan Combo for about $325.00 which will take care of your odor control and your exhaust. I have them both and they work great. There are probably quieter fans out but the Can is solid. Definitely grab at least one oscillating fan to have fresh air moving across the plants 24/7. You can always setup a passive intake as opposed to fan intake (depends on your setup).

    Get one that also gives you a humidity reading. No reason to get a devise that only reads temp.

    I use Fox Farm Nutes which are fine but there are many good products out there.

    I am just starting out too...good luck (we need it)!!!!
  3. Oh and I think your estimate of a 1-2 lb harvest for 6 plants is pretty high. Unless you are using an advanced technique (like LST) to maximize yield, the higher end of 1-2 lbs would be difficult to achieve with only 6 plants.
  4. Thanks for the response, highly appreciated.

  5. I have to yet to look at 'LST', I def will do so now. How many plants do you think I'd need to harvest 1-2 lbs/monthly? thnx for the response.
  6. Here is the best LST thread I have seen on here so far. LST

    I'm probably not the one to ask how many plants you need to yiled 2 lbs but I would say your looking at anywhere from 1oz to 3 oz per plant depending on strain/veg time/experience. The longer you veg, the bigger the yield. I'd say you need at least 12 plants for anything near 2 lbs.
  7. LST or some other kind of training to get a higher yield,
    use quality products! fox farms makes really really really good stuff.

    for your lighting look into the new conversion bulbs/ceramic metal halides one bulb 2 light spectrum, you can use from veg to flower. What is your grow space? pictures? That would help in figuring our your ventilation, and I know how important it is....before I got mine sorted out I had such high temps, but since intake/exhaust set up, running 84 deg:smoke:

    Oh and you'll be hard pressed to find fans in stores now...its fucking bs they say they're seasonal....might have to go online to buy one.
  8. If your really shooting for maximum yields as often as possible you might want to try some simple hydroponic systems like a drip system its not as complicated as some people think. If you ever need help learning how to run a drip system let me know dude peace:smoke:

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