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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by zoltron, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. Hiya everyone, the name's zoltron...been tokin' for 34 yrs & don't plan on quitting ever! Weed has been my friend since 1969 & still can't believe it isn't legal yet!

    I was living in Denver, CO in 1974 when the state decriminalized reefer to a $25 fine for under an oz...I thought for sure we were on our way to legalization. Boy was I way off! I think it's worse now than in the 70s. This govt. still hasn't seen the light & don't know what it takes to get these politicos to overturn the stupid laws.

    I'll be hanging around, checking things I'll see everybody on the boards!
  2. Welcome to the city....

    BTW, I am moving this to Introduce Yourself :D
  3. I was wondering when you were coming to pick me up. I've been here for 27 bleens & I'm ready to head back to our planet's things in space? Speaking of which, I've been reading a lot of these young weedheads posts & noticed that I don't have a clue as to all these new weed brands...AK-47, NYC Diesel, Blueberry, etc...what are all these brands? I remember Michoacan, Oaxacan, Colombian Red Bud, Jamaican, Acapulco Gold. In 1971, I bought a lb of Acapulco Gold for $165 & thought that was a little high. We normally purchased lbs for $125-$140. Times sure change! Looks like I'm going to have to start a grow of my own.

    Well, glad to meet you & I'll be around the boards here.
  4. May I join this Old Fogey's Get Together and welcome zoltron to the fold (although no one has welcomed me yet)?

    Remembering "back in the day"...

    "The Cuervo Gold, the fine Columbian.... make tonight a wonderful thing!"

    Having smoked the Gold variety of Columbian while that song was popular on the radio, I felt the need to reminisce with you guys.
  5. I guess were all a bunch of Ol Tokers, or else we would not be alowed into this forum.

    But, being old to me is a blessing not a curse.

    Now I am ahungry for a buttered bagel on a stick.
  6. Well I've definitely found home!! This already sounds like the perfect place for my senior citizen ass. Thanks for the nice welcome, Tweech'szone, & may I say, your name is 1 of the most clever 1 I've heard! I love it!

    Anyway, thanks again peeps, & like I mentioned, I have no need to look any further than here for my place to post.
  7. Sorry there, Vermontmoon, didn't see you over there! This is turning out to be my new assisted-living arrangements right here!!
  8. zoltron i beat u to it!
  9. I hear ya, Barker...good seein' ya! This looks like a really cool place!

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