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  1. The Ohio Medical Cannabis Act has just released their ballot language and I have NEVER seen anything like it! It has 12 pages of just patient protections and a full governmental system for it's oversight! That might worry me, but after reading the language, it's powerful, flexible but has very strict limitations so they can't strip the initiative. Police even have to go through training to be well educated. I have to say, I'm impressed!
  2. Theres two groups doing a ballot drive. One can't get the wording good enough to even turn it into the Attorney General. Had to rewrite it like three times. The other group has eveything they need to turn it in, but know their wording wont pass. Both groups still begging for donations. Really a shame that in a state that 73 percent of the people are in favor of it, they can't get there shit together long enough to get a real start on it.
  3. Sorry, but it's not going to happen this way. OMCA 2012 will never get theirs passed the Attorney Generals office. Best bet would be to call your senators in support of HB214.
  4. HA, thats a FAR longer shot than the OMCA.
  5. Guess we will just have to wit and see. But As it is right now, it wont go to far!
  6. So people say, however if you haven't noticed. Federal representatives aka congressmen/women are really into doing the "popular" thing of the moment. Similar to high school trends if that makes sense. It has been proven with simple things time and time again. Your negativity on the matter also doesn't help.
  7. It's that cockiness of that group that will be the down fall. They already have it on the ballot in 2012 and havn't even turned it into the Attorney Generals office yet.
  8. Um no, thats not where they are at, at all. They aren't on the ballot yet.

  9. I know that french fry. You might want to put the pipe down for a minute. They think it's going to go right thru the whole political procedue with out a problem. But thats not going to happen. If your not on the inside of that group, then you might just chill somewhere for a while. But if you are, Your new leader been might be messing the whole thing up!!!!
  10. Then I misunderstood your previous message, it's been a long day. Your right, perhaps I should go into too much detail I am not privy to, but I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt.
  11. Another sad week in Ohio. Have two PAC groups with enough signatures signed to turn them into the Attorney General, but neither one will. Maybe someday!!
  12. I can't see this going this ever happening with Kasich as governor.

  13. Kasich isn't the problem, it's the two PAC's that is doing the ballot drives want to fight with each other to much. It's down to turning the the paperwork in and moving foward. Once it gets out of the Attorny General's office, they just have to collect around 500,000 signatures for us to vote on!!
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    One did just submit, not the OMCA, the compassionate Ohio guys... too bad they have an ex-crack addict on their petition with a rap sheet a mile long. Oh and don't forget the guy who took photos of underage girls for a "NORML Calendar" and was caught on tape doing it. I wonder how fast that will sink the entire ship.

    The new site of the OTHER petition is
  15. ahh ok thank you. :)
  16. Pretty sure that they wont do a background check on the people that filled with the Attorny General. All his job is to say that it is legally writen.

    Ohio Coalition for Medical Compassion - Politieke organisatie | Facebook

    Ohio CMC
  17. Thats not the issue. Those names will be on every one of the petitions distributed over the entire state for the purposes of gathering several hundred thousand signatures. We will have opposition with real resources, and that means they will latch onto ANYTHING they can get their hands on to make MMJ supporters look like drugged out stoners. It's just terrible politics and really doesn't speak highly of the groups political savy as well.
  18. First off, this might be my first post on this site, but I have had a interest in the MMJ movment in Ohio for a long time. This is a giant step forward and don't need to be tanited by someone shooting off their mouth and spreading B/S. I know both groups have worked hard and this is far from over or a done deal. I also know Brian, Cher and Tonya have put more effort and time in this then anyone else. So maybe you should ask you leaders Theresa, Ben and Mary if you running your mouth is doing them any good. Nows not the time to get into a mud slinging contest. It's time to stand together and get the sick people of Ohio the medican they need!!

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