New NY 9/11 Investigation Vote

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  1. NYC CAN Breaking News Bulletin – FORWARD WIDELY
    September 10, 2009
    City of New York Concedes 9/11 Coalition Has 30,000 Valid Signatures To Put Referendum For 9/11 Investigation on November Ballot.
    New York – In a last minute decision, lawyers for the City of New York have conceded that the New York City Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN), a group comprising 9/11 family members, first responders and survivors, indeed did submit over 30,000 valid signatures to put the referendum for a new 9/11 investigation before the voters of New York City this November.

    In an earlier letter from the City Clerk dated July 24, 2009, the City had claimed only 26,003 signatures were valid, 3,997 short of the requisite 30,000. The City's concession that over 30,000 of the 52,000 signatures submitted were in fact valid paves the way for lawyers from both sides to argue the legality of petition.

    Asked whether he thought NYC CAN could overcome the City's challenge to the legality of the petition, legal counsel to the petitioners, Dennis McMahon, said, “Absolutely. Although the City has an incredibly successful record of shooting down ballot initiatives, we will be arguing from a fresh perspective that reflects the unprecedented events of 9/11. We believe the courts will see how critical an issue this is, and be persuaded with our legal reasoning and point of view.” A final determination on the legality of the petition will be reached in time for the referendum to be included on the November ballot should the petitioners prevail.

    Representatives for NYC CAN, 9/11 family member Manny Badillo and Executive Director Ted Walter, arrived at the Board of Elections on the morning of Wednesday, September 9, to assist the court-appointed referee in commencing a line-by-line review of the disputed signatures, only to learn the referee's review had been called off due to a last minute concession by the City. Mr. Badillo immediately got on the phone to inform others of the news.

    “The City conceded we have 30,000 valid signatures. Big victory.”

    The City's concession comes as a result of the immense effort put forth by 50+ volunteers who gave more than 1,000 hours over a two week period from August 10 to August 25 to identify a total of 7,166 signatures that were wrongly invalidated by the NYC City Clerk and Board of Elections. On August 27, NYC CAN filed the 631-page Bill of Particulars cataloguing each of the 7,166 signatures it contended were in fact valid. NYC CAN submitted another 28,000 signatures on September 4 to guarantee the referendum will go on the ballot if they win the court case, bringing the total signatures submitted to 80,000.

    ( my own opinion goes something like this ":hello:")
  2. Agreed, that's awesome.
  3. Concur. :hello:

    The whole thing smells strongly of widespread government corruption, cover up, and straight up involvement.
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    Nothing is going to come from the bill - this Manny Badillo has already said, in France, that he suspects criminal elements in the U.S. government, foreign entities, etc. rigged the WTC with powerful explosives, were behind the killing of 3000 people, and that Osama bin Laden worked for the U.S. government. Even the French TV news woman didn't buy what he was saying and ended the interview. He can't get on New York City TV at all. A legitimate new investigation of the attacks may be possible someday, but forget about NYC supporting this type of so-called "movement" - it just isn’t going to happen, because it's extreme stupiity and New York City is not into that.

    [ame=]YouTube - 9/11 Family Member Manny Badillo schools France 24 News[/ame]
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    Yeah, NYC residents aren't into extreme stupidity, and this is extreme stupidity. Ok buddy. Nice judgment call. Way to explain your opinion. I like how you addressed the fallacious claims made by the guy in the video. :rolleyes:

    "You can find so many sources that debunk 9/11 conspiracy theories."

    Yup, and they're all about as explanatory, detailed, and conclusive as your little rant there was.

    Oh, and I think this might be relevant here since you seem to trust our official sources and their media lapdogs.

    Corporate Media is Corporate America

    Japan questions 9/11 and the global war on terror

  6. I did not say that I "trust" anybody - and this guy is has about as much credibility as the next, or less.

    Steven Jones, the so-called 9/11 researcher whom Manny Badillo mentioned in his talk, is a Latter Day Saints crackpot from way back who thinks Jesus Christ visited the Indians in America thousands of years ago, as well having a belief in premonitions about 9/11 by a charasmatic-type woman. The whole thing stinks to high heaven. Sure there were "explosions" at Ground Zero on 9/11 - but nothing like they'd have you believe - if there had been, they would have been heard by tens of thousands of people for miles.
  7. C'mon Garrison.

    I do share your pessimism, as this bill will likely be ignored and swept under the rug.

    But saying, "The 9/11 movement is stupid. New York isn't into stupid things.".... is borderline childlike. You can do better.
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    OK, the 9/11 movement that Manny Badillo is associated with is stupid. Better now?

    P.S. Your quotation, "The 9/11 movement is stupid", was not written by me. People like Steven Jones are stupid. Here is his presentation that Jesus Christ visited the Indians in ancient America:

    This man has about as much credibility as a scientist as Bozo the Clown.
  9. Do you know what reality is? What religion is acceptable? Why are his beliefs so absurd? How are his beliefs more "crackpotty" than any other religion?

    MOST IMPORTANTLY - You mentioned nothing relevant to the topic, instead insult one man's beliefs in an attempt to discredit the entire movement. Then beautifully followed it up with opinion and an obscure interpretation of what people would have perceived. I'm assuming you have a lot of experience with explosives and the properties of sound. Surely, explosions would have been heard for miles. Although, there are many types of explosions, but they're better suited thrown into a wild generalization.

    Please keep posting.

  10. See post above. Much of the evidence for the "entire movement" of 9/11 truthers is based on the research of Steven Jones, and I believe that he is a crackpot - even his employer, Brigham Young University, sent him out to pasture - and they're crazier than a loon themselves about a lot of things, thanks mostly to their belief system.
  11. Not sure you know the science of sound waves, but that assertion you just made is totally false. The area is an urban area surrounded by other tall skyscrapers. They would absorb the majority of the sound waves caused by explosions in the area, and dampen it the further out it goes. The sound would not get beyond a few blocks, let alone miles. Plus, I'm fairly sure a good amount of people did hear and see explosions. Additionally, controlled demolition via building implosion seeks to use the least amount of explosive material.

    That's the kind of incomplete analysis and 'science' used to 'debunk' the conspiracy. The rest of the crap you mentioned has no bearing on the events of 9/11. The guy could believe in unicorns for all I care. Nothing stinks more than what actually happened on 9/11.
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    These threads always end up failing so hard for at least two reasons:

    the conspiracy-theorists are so die-hard convinced that they're enlightened with some sort of secret piece of knowledge that most people don't know about, and they react negatively to those whom they see as being pawns or dupes...


    those who don't believe in the theory get so pissed about how absolutely nuts they think the opposition is, and how they continue to persist in what they perceive to be willful ignorance.

    I'm just gonna stay outta this one from now on...

  13. I'd rather trust nobody than pseudo-scientists with spiritual agendas but hey, I'm a New Yorker.

    The World Trade Center towers were not surrounded by other buildings such as skyscrapers, and they were very close to water as well - it would have been heard by boats and as far as Staten Island. I know people who were on board ferries to escape the area - nobody heard loud bomb-like explosions, and they said it looked like NYC was sinking straight down into the smoke as the towers collapsed.
  14. Yes. Let us label everyone that thinks differently from ourselves as crazies. Everyone is ignorant. You are ignorant.

    I noticed that you have put quotes around 'entire movement'. Now, I am a bit confused as to why you did that... as you surely understand that there is much more to the 9/11 movement than a single professor's interpretation and discussions of thermite. You've been awfully busy in all of these 9/11 threads, mass producing illigetimate, nonsensical arguments... I'm wondering why...
  15. You don't trust pseudo-scientists so your going to make your own up? Are you somehow more qualified than a pseudo-scientist? How about all the real scientists that have questioned the official story? They must not exist, or their somehow pseudo-scientists in your eyes?

    Let me help you with this whole science thing you seem to have a very limited grasp of. A controlled building implosion is not achieved through fucken 'bombs'. Like I said, the goal is to use the least amount of explosives, usually nitroglycerin and TNT, set in holes drilled into columns. Using the word 'bomb' to describe any sort of scientific analysis is useless. The terminology isn't even used by any scientific disciplines, and within the military itself is only used to categories certain types of explosives. For example, grenades, and warheads when in missiles aren't considered bombs.
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    2 planes, 3 buildings.

    Decade long war.


    Kajillions to corporations to destroy, rebuild and police the middle east.

    I don't know anything you don't know.... you're failing to make a very obvious connection. But you're scared to think your governing parentals, or whoever controls them, are capable of the accusations we're making. It's called denial.
  17. If by secret piece of information you mean using scientific analysis then yeah. I guess it kind of is a secret seeing how many people actually have at least a bachelors degree in a relevant scientific discipline (i.e. physics, engineering).

    But hey, they re-enacted the attack on CNN using CGI, so we know Osama must have done it, right! :rolleyes:
  18. Oh, really? You're right, I'm just too scared to even consider such a possibility... you're such a strong-minded person for being able to handle such a mental burden by being enlightened with your secret knowledge.

    Not! What a joke; mental masturbation for those who like to think they know something that so many don't.
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    Thank you for the re-emphasis in your quote. BOLDNESS. Mmmm. Was I really that offensive? I said you were in denial. I am sorry if that hurt your feelings.

    I have stated in this thread that we're all ignorant. I thought I was included in everyone. It isn't a matter of me being strong minded, you being weak minded.... I stated an opinion, and stated my opinion of your reasoning. Stop playing the victim. You can reciprocate. It is a discussion.

    I hope you agree that we need to end our invasion of the middle east. Do you really think it would take 10 years for a military that has received trillions in funding to find rebels in a desert?

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