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New Northern Lights pickup. Nice macros, Check it.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SEMS1, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. wow i wanted to get NL too from this guy i know and i have been trying to figure out if i should or not. now i am going to get it. wow that shit looks beautiful, i thought sour d was great, but this shit looks AMAZING hahaaha.

    take a hit for me.
  2. Hahaha will do man thanks for checkin it out!

    Post up pics of yours if you can!
  3. Nice! I should be getting some Northern Lights early next week. Can't wait! :cool:
  4. :) Nice bro, its top notch smoke, very pungent i gotta say.

    Casual thread jacker :cool:
  5. Beautiful NLs. My northern lights don't have many hairs on them though, yours look much dankier.
  6. Yeh thanks man, this has so many hairs because
    its direct from growers no handling involved.

    Still perfect pretty much.
  7. Bumpity?
  8. nice pick up of a classic bud. havnt had any nl in a few years..
    nice un'

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