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New Northern Lights pickup. Nice macros, Check it.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SEMS1, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. i love the high you get from northern lights. one of my favorites and by the looks of it you got a fantastic batch that i'd love to be smoking right now :rolleyes:
  2. :rolleyes:

    Been growing for 30 years, if you want to call ME an amateur because I enjoy growing and smoking NL (among other plants), then I think you're probably the amateur ;)

    It's true it's an easy strain though. I recommend bagseed to beginners until they get their 'sea legs', then NL is another one I recommend early. Of course, I've grown and grow many other strains.
  3. Haha thanks man.

    I wish i could hook you up with a bowl or 5

  4. jesus christ, did i SAY YOU WERE AN AMATEUR?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    for stoners,there sure are a lot of high strung up-tight herbs on here.
  5. Looks great, your lucky lol. Damnnnn.
  6. that aint no fuckin northern lights...

    Thats Southern Lights :)
  7. Nice man looks pretty good.. a lil leafy though but maybe its just the pic
  8. Roflmao hahaha how you been bro?
  9. Yeh it was leafy but all my purchases are a few grams
    over cos my best mates are my dealers, known em since 8-10 years old.

    So i don't care about the extra leaf, stop the trichs getting
    damaged too till i smoke it ;)
  10. those pics are the weed equivalent of a Playboy centerfold...


    how's the high?
  11. Awesome, very crerbral i have to say, could be the fact
    im on my 5th snapper and i've been awake 10 minutes. :p

    Just got a coffee, it's gonna be a good morning.
  12. Man that looks AMAZING!
  13. Cheers bro.

    And also illmatic was one of the freshest records of all time.
  14. nice buds man
  15. Cheers bro, thanks for dropping a compliment. :wave:
  16. Buncha beauties.
  17. Some definite top quality bud.
  18. damn, beautiful.

    Lets see a 2 gram bong snap of this shit!
  19. Great looking bud.
    My friend picked up some NL but it didn't look that tasty.
  20. Hahahaha i just had a debate with someone about that.
    I don't have the funds to burn 2g's in one bowl atm bro, i have your page bookmarked :D
    I need to make a big enough bowl too man, i got a scale it will be legit :)

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