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Discussion in 'General' started by xericx, May 21, 2006.

  1. I'm not that big on video games, I can only stand to play them for about 30 mins at a time, but this thing looks awesome.

  2. Thats crazy. The shit they come up with.
  3. im pretty big in video games and that kinda thing, i own a 360 and it recently got that 3 red light glix in it so its shot. but after watching that video that fuckin wii looks so badass
  4. Dude I stopped buying game shit after 64 haha but damn that Zelda game, Mario game, and like street fighting sword game look like the shit.
  5. It kinda looks like nunchuks.
  6. Call microsoft, they extended warranties by six months, they will send you a box to ship your console to the for free first class 2nd day, they will repair and ship it back for free, we are not talking about sony here.

    And those people werent really playing the game, just waving remotes around, look for zelda gameplay video, the remote makes things EXTREMELY clunky in traditional games, its only a little gimicky tool like the eye toy.
  7. that's going to be money well spent.

  8. True that video is just promotional, but the "EXTREMELY" is a bit too extreme. 90% of reviews from the E3 described the remote as being exellent. The nintendo stand was the biggest thing at the E3 this year, the wait line for the Wii was 4hrs long. Imo, the wii is gonna be great.
    Im not saying there were no kinks in the remote, but you gotta cut nintendo some slack. They rushed out those playable versions for the e3, and they're still considered beta. The games werent even running on wii's, they were running on modified gamecubes. A big factor in some of the negative experiences were that having booth after booth right next to each other caused some interference in how the remotes worked. In a single room with a single console, the concept works much better.

    Nintendo still has 6 months to finalize their product, and alot still hasnt been revealed about the wii. My hopes are up, but im still waiting to play a finalized version for myself.

    And a wii with everything included will be retailed at MAX 250$, compared to 500-600$ for a ps3.
  9. the Wii is either going to be one of the greatest success or a total flop.
  10. Yeah I saw stuff about that before, it looks pretty cool. I agree with that plum just said, as well, but I'm leaning more toward greatest successes.

    edit: Those Asian girls are cute. Haha.
  11. + rep for amazing truth
  12. nintendo needs 2 get back on top with this one and take back wuts rightfully theirs...screw sony n microsoft!
  13. i want a xbox 360.
  14. I do not like my xbox360, not enough good games at all and I have had to return BOTH of the xboxs to be repaired. Mine I waited 14 hours in line at Walmart, and my brother went to Target and bought it 3 weeks later.
  15. damn that thing looks pretty bad ass
  16. Sword game looks fun. But I never like the nintendo-line of games, ESPECIALLY gamecube. There might be one or two cool games, but not worth it to buy a console for 'em.

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