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New neighbors.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zeb0, May 6, 2011.

  1. So these neighbors moved in about a month ago. Some old guy and his wife, the kind of old guy who looks like he'd drink bud light and mix concrete for a living.
    His wife, a normal 60 year old lady.
    I dont talk to them, but ive always wanted a neighbor who smokes weed, how the hell do i figure out if theyre down for the green?
  2. start a casual conversation and then say you smelt weed one day(even if you didnt) and then see their reaction and that will probably give you a better idea if they are chill
  3. Tell them you are a medical marijuana sales rep and give them a kush doctor card.
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    Dude, they're old people.

    Marihuana is the devil's weed.

    Edit: They'll probably call the cops on you and say "Get that shit away from me, I'm a Christian!"
  5. No matter what they ever say to you, reply, "Smoke weed all day, dont give a fuck."

    They'll catch on eventually
  6. Probably conservatives, watch your ground. -____________________________-
  7. Theyre old, but theyre like. The old that still feels like theyre 40, drinking a few beers a day, and smoking a pack of Marlboro's. haha
  8. oh keep this updated. lol

    i think the idea of mentioning that you smelt weed is a great idea. just make sure to ask them eventually..
  9. if they're in their 60's now, there's a fair chance they toked up about 40ish years ago
  10. I like the unedited version better.
  11. Funny shit here, but good advice. Casually mentioning you smelled weed one day in the neighborhood keeps you free of association. Additionally, the little things you do to make them comfortable will aid in having a quality relationship with them, maybe they aren't smokers but become friends of yours anyhow and in fact trust in the you, the younger generation to teach them a thing or two. You may smoke them out for their first time. Obviously this is the extreme, but do the little things to build their favor. At the very least they might leave you be if they discover you burn and they disapprove.

    I live in an area of mostly older folks, a condo community, and upon planting a top quality vegetable garden, totally improving the looks of my out-door area, and then sharing my fruits with the neighbors I immediately became the talk of bingo night at the club house. I now get no complaints for taking up an extra spot or two for guests in the lot or anything else I do for that matter. Also a wave and a smile goes a long way.

    "No matter what they ever say to you, reply, "Smoke weed all day, dont give a fuck."
    They'll catch on eventually - Though this is funny.
  12. i'd just leave it alone... shit i got neighbors across the street that seem cool, shit i even see the guy wearing a ty dye shirt sometimes doing his yardwork...dont think they have any idea they live next to a pot farm.. not about to go and find out if they toke however...
  13. I hear you man, good advice :]

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