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Discussion in 'General' started by dirtydingusus, Oct 6, 2002.


what should my wives id be on the city?

  1. mrsbiskits

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  2. buddasatan

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  3. mrsdingusus

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  4. placenta

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  5. mommaganja

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  6. mistresssativa

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  7. dirtysbane

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  8. weedwench

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  9. resinatrix

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  10. mrsbake-O

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  1. ok boys and girls

    the wife is tired of reading over my sholder
    and is gonna get her own name on the city....

    help us out
  2. no vote again but

    Mrsdingusus sounds very respectful mate.

    and may stop any dodgy pms
  3. lmao. ok this is fun. I have to think though. Mrs. biskets is just funny as hell. Mrs. Bake-O is funnier. that reminds me of a simpsons episode...homer had an easy bake oven in the front, placenta hahahaAHHAHAHA. but i wouldnt go with gonna vote. Mrs. Bake-O it is.
  4. ok...








  5. lol she gets final say ....but have fun anyway!lol
  6. Mrsbiskits
  7. How about hookahittenhottie?
  8. hottie huh? nice gesss!
  9. whats the goin rate for a eigth of hash?
  10. mrsbiskets, totally
    I'll already have something funny ang good asociated with her :)

    oh, and spark, completely wrong place to ask that.
  11. I voted for MrsDingus. I was thinkin' MrsDirtyD, that sounds kinda cool.
    It's awesome that you guys share your time here together!!!
    Tell hes Stonie says hey!!
  12. what about mrsblade. i like the others too.
  13. Mrs Dingusus is the winner....! Mrs. Biskits a close second...

    Thanks for voting!!
  14. what about mommaganja that was tight
    aalright mrs. D good to have ya here
  15. Thanks for the welcome....

    Had to have the poll because we couldn't decide!!

    Just call me which name you liked and consider me to have multiple personalities ?
  16. i got the name cus i wanted my yahoo id
    to be dingus

    its just a dumb name we used to call each other...

    and low and behold it was taken!

    so i modified it till i got one that wasent taken

    yet still original

    so unlike dingus2..or what ever dumb shit they allways prompt you to do .
  17. welcome mrs. D,

    enjoy your time here :)
  18. I like it when married people are on the forum together...dont know why.

    Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit im too fucked up for this right now, forget everything I just said and I wont say it next time because i forgot to say it to the downward motion of the visor screen spandex aunt sallies dog groomer Bob Barker The Price is Right!

    ~ HI ~
  19. aunt sally put her spandex...on bobs dog?

  20. Thank ya!

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