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New Name for "Drug Dealer"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by coalition17, May 14, 2011.

  1. So I think Drug Dealer is kind of a played out old term, reserved for use by cops and narcs...
    I don't like to think of my connect as a "Drug dealer" because drug would imply that he's selling drugs, of which marijuana is not... well it kinda is... but it's not like meth or something more dangerous...
    Not to mention my dealer only sells pot, but he could find anything i needed... which is only pot. lol
    So what would you use as the new "Drug Dealer" term.. I'm familar with many but I'm lookin for some unique stoner lingo here :D
    yesterday at my dude's club/bar I told him after a blunt of some loud that I'm not gonna call him my dealer anymore, he is my 'Herbal Shaman' and that his dank keeps my chakras in line...
    I believe smoking shitty weed misaligns my energies... and only through the power of dank green, and meditation may it be repaired.
  2. My dealer and I aren't very close, but if people ask what he is, I usually just refer to him as my "friend with the shit." It's a bit more personal, hahah.
  3. well first of all weed IS a drug, and i just call him "my guy" or "my dealer". "my drug dealer" sounds too formal lol
  4. I think drug dealer sounds unprofessional.... like it makes him sound grimey... My dealer's fuckin legit..
    He owns a sports bar with a fuckin mechanic shop attached to it and he keeps pounds on pounds on pounds of weed... That's a new level of ballin...

  5. you mean he stacks his bricks in a pyramid? that is ballin
  6. Drug Dealers are "Product Distributors"
  7. gurd leader

  8. Probably all paid for by drug money.

    Your dude more than most fits the classic definition of a drug dealer.

    A rose by any other name..
  9. No, not kinda. It is.
  10. I see what you did there.. Touche sir... But no... Mostly cause his weed isn't bricked hahaha... He keeps his shit in giant ass ziploc baggies locked in a safe..
  11. Salesmen your the client, Boss, Main Man, Merchant, whatever you want it too be! ;)
  12. Its a tree ni66a.
  13. It's a drug.

    Like mushrooms, opium, peyote and ayahuasca. You might pull them out of the ground but they very much are drugs.
  14. I can see how you'd draw that conclusion from the fact that he sells weed, but actually he inherited the bar from his parents who owned it for nearly 30 years, which is pretty cool... And as for the mechanic shop, that's just another way he's trying to make legit money instead of always sellin dope...
  15. Indeed sir
  16. he's just "my weed man" simple n clear
  17. If he has pounds upon pounds upon pounds like you say then I guarantee the largest portion of his income by a long shot is weed and his businesses are only a front to keep the IRS or other government from poking around.

    That's assuming what youve been telling us is true.
  18. Man that's not my dealer.

    That's my Mother.!
  19. Trees are made of wood

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