New! My set up idea, a few questions :)

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  1. Hey y'all, totally new to this! Any help/info will be much appreciated. I'm starting this thread before I have anything completed/assembled so I can get input on all the parts/pieces and see whether this is the best set up.

    So here is what I am thinking of doing…

    Strain: Lowryder #1 (12-16”)
    Amount: 1 (2 max)
    Grow medium: Soil
    Pot size: H: 24cm D: 26cm
    Grow area: Cardboard box - insulated with insulation pad, then mylar stuck onto insides (standing upwards H: 70cm L: 55cm D/W: 40cm)
    Light source: Undecided
    Reflector: Help needed
    Ventilation: Help needed
    Odor control: Help needed

    Now for the annoyingly nooby part... questions!

    1. Could I cut the top part open and instead cover it in with the reflector? It could be lowered in and being two parts, this could also potentially help with heat and ventilation.

    2. For 1-2 auto flowering lowryder plants (probably lowryder#1 as it is apparently less smelly), would 1 Growlush 130w 2700K Grow Light, generating approx. 8,000 Lumens be enough for the growth and flowering? ( Or should money be invested in having both 2700K and 6500K CFL's, or even more CFL bulbs in general?

    3. Is an exhaust/ventilation fan and ducting needed for such a small space/plant grow?

    4. Would the odor become strong and obvious during at any stage for this plant, would I need some type of odor control?

    5. As this would be situated in my wardrobe, would it be enough to simply open it up once or twice a day and let it all air out as a form of ventilation and cO2 replenishment?

    6. How many fans would be needed, and to hit where exactly?

    7. Would I need a proper reflector to get this grow done, or would I be okay with an home made insulated and mylar'd shoe box cover/posterboard. Another option is to make a proper one from metal ducting but then again this box would only be used once or twice a year with 2 plants MAX.

    8. Small desk fan, or pc blow fan, or both?

    More info about my situation: Live at home with parents in a rented house (will grow when they are on long holiday). Reason for wanting to grow: I've only smoked a few times but I think growing would be both fun and much cheaper then buying. Also considering just finding a smaller box and descaling everything for 1 max plant… thoughts?

  2. For such a small grow id use cfl's. check out my grow i started out in a box.
  3. Subbed.
    Anyone with more info to help with my questions?
    Also, what y'all think about growing in rented place with parents on holiday?
  4. Ok guys so i thought i'd get a lot of different opinions on the post to my specific predicament but it doesn't seem that busy. Anyways, i've been thinking about a pc grow but they are way expensive and postage is like $100 from the countries that make them. $300-450 total. I'm not particularly skilled with my hands, does anyone know how hard it would be for me to make one myself?

  5. Growing in a rented house with parents is a horrible idea. On top of that u plan on getting it all done while they're on vacation?? Gonna easily take you 4-5 months start to finish for first harvest. I'd say read up first, A LOT. Then grow when u have your own place. Landlord comes in and you AND the parents are in hot water. Not worth it.
  6. Hey thanks for stopping by. When you put it that way, i think you're probably right. I guess i'll just be reading up or making my own grow box for 5 years when i move out LOL

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