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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by thegreenlantern, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. can anyone tell me any cds that have recently come out but dont suck?

    new limp
    new obie

    fucking a man!
  2. what kind of music are you into? (i cant tellyou many NEW cds to check out...but dependin on yoru tastes i can tell you some you should get anyway)
  3. wow buy a perfect circle album - thirteenth step

    my fav. new album of this year. Great buy.
  4. ok ill check it out

    i like metal rock rap - lots of stuff
    old cds are good too i was pretty high went i posted earlier
  5. earlier i was gonna say go get the 13th step by perfect circle...but i had already posted....well if you like metal then id say go get somethin by Dimmu Borgu(i cant spell right know...its close to that) and if you like punk at all...go get Misfits Collection I and II (good stuff!) also get anything by Black Flag made between around 1980-1986 (somethin like that, check to see if it says whose on vocals...if its Henry Rollins its some of their better stuff (IMO)) for rap...go with Run DMC, Beastie Boys (new rap kinda sucks!)anything old school like that...another good band to check out is welll umm...ive spent about 20 minutes thinkin...and i cant think so...just go check out the Misfits and Black Flag...oh and Perfect Circle...and umm...peace! WOO!
  6. Well wait till d-12's second album comes out.. it should be a blast... i totally agree with u on the outkast and limp triskit being shit.. i thought obie was a alright album except for the fact that #10 is like 1 year old that was on a mixtape lol

    umm here r sum rap cd's u could try n download from irc (go to <-- thats what I use )

    Ludacris - Chicken n Beer
    DMX - Grand Champion (pretty gay :\)
    Murphy Lee - murphys law
    Lil jon n Eastside boys - Kings of crunk
    Chingy - jacpot (kinda gay)
  7. Im waiting on hearing Dave's solo project...havent gotten a hold of it just sure hard core dave fans will be lovin it. other than that...ive got 311 latest in and really diggin on that.. and ludacris, chicken & beer. cause hes teh fucking MAN :D

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