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    I don't know if a thread like this already exists, I haven't seen one but yeah.. anyway.

    A few opinions:

    So new music. Personally I hate all new music it seems more and more people with no talent are getting record deals. Lil Wayne for example.. I mean Jesus, people class that as rap? That is retarded.
    When I see Lil Waynes name used in a positive way I lose more hope in humanity.

    Seems loads of artists don't need talent, they get songs written for them, they sing it and have it autotuned.

    Dubstep - Now I don't know why this type of music has all of a sudden exploded. Seems to me just aload of racket repeated over and over. I make better sounds taking a shit.

    How can people listen to all this new shit? Are they really too blind to see how fucking bad it is?

    Again this is my opinion, feel free to share your opinions but please don't hate my opinion.
  2. Turn the radio off and stop listening to UKF.
  3. I don't use a radio, nor do I listen to UKF
  4. It isn't talent or lack thereof that bothers me; Bob Dylan sucks at singing but he's got something worthwhile to say, right? It's how assembly-line, how inauthentic it feels. It's a product that's mass-produced, mass-distributed, and then promptly forgotten about once it's time for the newest Single Of The Week to be pinched off.
  5. There's bands/artists out there still putting out good music but it's just more likely they are working independently and therefore you are far less likely to hear them. Music has become big business and record labels are looking to sign already established artists who have shown to sell rather then invest in someone with talent but still raw. They duplicated the trends that are big at the moment and exploit it until it's past played out then move on to the next. So there is still awesome new music coming out of every corner of the earth and with the internet it's more accessible than ever, but you're going to have to look for it yourself instead of it being promoted to you like it should be or has in the past.

    That's just my $.02 on the music biz these days.
  6. Just about everything I enjoy came before my time, sometimes way before my time. All the nonsense has already been filtered out so it's easy to find a higher percentage of the goods. There are a few decent modern bands though, like the poster above said, they're both easier to find thanks to technology, and harder to find due to obscurity.
  7. [quote name='"Sark"']Turn the radio off and stop listening to UKF.[/quote]

    UKF as in drum and bass? They kick ass I don't know what you're talking about
  8. I meant UKFDubstep since he mentioned the genre but UKFDnB is garbage, too.

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