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    I'm thinking of buying a new mouse. Specifically this thing:

    Logitech M950.

    Mainly because it feels very comfortable, and it has this darkfield technology. Also because it has side buttons that I don't think I'll consistently bump. Plus, I like the heavy scroll wheel.

    Any opinions on this mouse? Or particularly strong recommendations for another? The major concern I have is that it wont have a good range on the USB.
  2. The scroll wheel is fucking awesome. Fucking awesome.

    Do it, do it now!

    It's not infrared so its range should be as good as any other wireless mouse. But to be honest I've never had a reception problem with my Logitech mice.
  3. IS that really $200? its a nice mouse dont get me wrong its a great mouse and if you like it get it. Im not really a fan of wireless mice/keyboards cause i hate thinking that its about to die and i feel that i get a better response with wired electronics. I got the Logitech G9 mouse that i love the fuck out of and i would recommend to anyone.
  4. As awesome as that is, I couldn't pay that much for one...

  5. I'm finding the mouse for roughly $100 AUD (in the states this is the Performance MX), and the reason for that would be between the Unifying receiver (great if you use any other Logitech wireless devices) and Darkfield. Darkfield is a nice concept on paper but unless you actually have a glass tracking surface, there isn't much point. The G9x is also capable of tracking on glossy surfaces. That scroll wheel is available on quite a few Logitech models. Looking at a review, the cable looks like a standard 6ft but is used just for charging.

    What's sort of setup will the computer have? Using it for home theater? Laptop? Desktop that's far away from where you are?
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    Haha depends on the store I guess. I can get it for much less than that, although it's still quite pricey for a mouse I agree.

    I'd be using it simply for my PC at my desk, with the receiver at a maximum distance of 4 feet. The reason I fear that I'll have problems is because the current wireless that I have is very short ranged, I practically have the receiver right next to it. But I can't stand using wired mice, so I'm determined to get a wireless. I have a wireless internet receiver and that's all (not Logitech).

    The G9x looks interesting although it's no cheaper than the one above, has a few features that I probably wouldn't be interested in because I'm not that hardcore at gaming haha.

    But you make a point that the Darkfield isn't crucial to my needs. It's a bit stupid of me really, but I USED to have a glass table and I wished that my mouse would work on it. Now I don't have a glass table, but I still like the idea of it haha..

    Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 looks like a possible alternative? It has the same laser as the G9x I think, and still has the nice scrollwheel. Basically the same thing without such a curved body, and if I'm not mistaken, the laser to work on glossy surfaces.


    What do you think? Its price is about 70% of the M950.

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