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    what up folks so i went to this shop in st kits called higher society , it pretty sick has bunch of new roors customs, a custom fab egg n bunch of other sick glass but i got some pieces while i was there ,,  my bad it takes forever to load them with the uploader n i alwasy try n copy n paste but it never shows up :/ but if any1 wana help me out thatd b appreicted .. also my red macaroon is in there too lol ..
    .. ps i know it looks wierd but they didnt have the honey buckets n they were 250ish so i was lk olly lol .. but i got the jar,the straigh fab , n the curve.. i like the straigh fab super smooth loses a lil bit of taste but ineed to make a new batch to actual compare that to the macro.. but thanks for looking :) 

  2. sweet pickups.  I nabbed a fab egg a couple weeks ago, love the swiss perc.  I actually fill it halfway so I can watch smoke bubbles travel through the water, not sure if you can fill the straight that high though, the curve of the egg helps avoid splash ups.  I like the worked piece also.  I almost picked up a straight fab for 1k from an online place but my lhs had the small egg for 1300 so I splurged.  I wonder how much the worked egg was being sold for?
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    6k.. but he almost sold it for 7 the other dday .. yea thats sick i wish i had another fab egg round here but i mit have to pik up the worked oonee lol .. yea i gota stil play wit water level c if ti affects it but it jus bubbles up to the top of the last bump thingy lol but it super smooth n it  a wierd drag not so much lik my heady natural perc but something there but jus the tiniest amount 

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