New Moon is terrible.

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    I'm trying to watch it stoned, and I realize what a piece of crap it is.

    Why does he sparkle? Wttttfff. Vampires are supposed to fucking burn in the sunlight.

    EDIT: So I should give some backstory here. I went to the first one with a few women, one of which I was trying to get with (never happened). So last night out of impulse I decided to download and watch the second one. IT'S THE SAME FUCKING MOVIE! Here, let me explain:

    First movie:
    Girl:"We should date"
    Vampire:"Cuz I'm a vampire"
    Vampire:"Yeah, kinda sucks. I might want to drink your blood at some point or somethin"
    Girl:"Makes sense"
    *time elapses*
    Vampire:"Okay, jk, let's date"
    Girl: "Yayz"

    Second movie:
    Vampire:"Jk, we can't date anymore cuz I'm still a vampire"
    Vampire:"Yeah, cya l8r"
    *some elapsed time of girl depressed*
    Girl (to werewolf guy): "let's hang out"
    Werewolf: "K"
    Werewolf: "We should date"
    Girl: "Naw, still not over vampire dude"
    Werewolf: "Fuck"
    *A little time elapses*
    Girl: "K we should date I was just fuckin' with ya"
    Werewolf: "can't"
    Girl: "Why the fuck not"
    Werewolf: "Cuz I'm a fuckin werewolf. I might get pissed off and claw you or some shit"
    Girl: "Aw fuck"
    *some other shit happens with vampire and they get back together*
    Werewolf: "Aw fuck"
    Vampire: "Let's get married"

    Same fuckin movie, twice. Unbelievable.
  2. Agreed.
    Real vampires don't sparkle.
    They seduce, terrify, and burst into flames when introduced to sunlight.
    Vampy Graphic Novel worth reading:

    Vampy Graphic Novel not worth reading:
  3. hahaha

    i've been lucky enough not to see any of that shit yet.
  4. It was a good movie to take a lady too though :D

    I don't understand the magic behind twilight and chicks !..
  5. I am a female, and I can't stand those movies. I thought the first two books were okay, at least for teen readers, but the last two books and the movies make me want to throw up with their lameness.
  6. this is what i think of that whole series.



    a thousand year old guy stalks around a high school looking for poon.
  7. also.

    i truthfully believe the only true vampire movie i have seen was

    30 days of night

    [ame=]YouTube - 30 DAYS OF NIGHT - Now Playing[/ame]

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