New MOmo bubbler pickup :]

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  1. Whattup GC! Just got my hands on my first MOmo piece, the boomstack!

    I'll let a few pictures do the talking for now, and write a lil review after :)



    All in all, I love this bub!! Awesome stackage (beyond awesome, actually), smooth diffusion; not much more I could ask for in a bubbler other than durability (and it's a solid 5mm!).

    The circ has 16 rows, and a little circular opening on the bottom; which leads up to the dewaar style 18.8mm joint. (rockin the B. wilson DD) The neck gives it a 'nano' like feeling that I enjoy aswell :)

    Great stuff MOmo!:hello: Thoroughly impressed w/my first MOmo piece and it def won't be my last. creds to galaxy glass market aswell, as they seem to b one of the only places to get MOmo online :)
  2. Had to grab myself a Boomstack as well! These things are absolutely fantastic and so smooth. The hollowfoot style really lets the perc diffuse properly.

  3. Definitely, MOmo has the circ on lockdown forsureee:smoke:
  4. How much it run you?
  5. I absolutely LOVE this piece. I'm looking into buying one now...

  6. now that right there is some glass. nice pickup OP.
  7. it was 250
  8. Got mine online from GGM, $255 before shipping.

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