New Molino Hurricane Pipe

Discussion in 'General' started by b14z3d, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. i just ordered this pipe the other day im pretty psyched to get it. i think it looks nuts!


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  2. That's sick. + rep.
  3. Nice buy, make sure to post some pics when you get it in.

    When I saw that the GC shop started carrying a bunch of new peices, I got really excited, the Molino pieces look awesome. I might have to pick one up in the future. Anyway, tell us how it smokes/feels. Toke on, my friend.
  4. still waitin on delivery.. cant wait
  5. i got the exact same 1 works very great alot bigger than it looks in pic the only downfall in it is the hole in the bowl is a little too big other than that its a very very nice spoon
  6. It looks pretty sweet man. Its trippy lookin
  7. sick colors on it wow..i love that
  8. OMG is all I can say
  9. shit man that's awesome, +rep for sure

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