New Molino Bongs available at

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, May 3, 2006.

  1. New Molino Bongs available at , check it out here

    ROOR Quality!!!!! NOT ROOR PRICES ;-)

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  2. Those look very lovely, indeed.
  3. lol, sweet. probably not engineered like roors, but you definately can't beat those prices for something that nice unless you have a sweet sweet hookup.

    man, molino is the man, his spoons are his best work though, imo.
  4. those are pretty cool, just might have to pick one up. i like that they have some designs on them that the RooRs dont but they are still clear enough that you can watch them milk
  5. Looks good, I might have to pick one up. The price is in my range atleast.
  6. i think i saw a thread earlier about these....dont they have a carb hole on the back?

  7. It looks like a pull slide, idk. Hey SJ ya think you could help us out with this one??:D
  8. Wow those are awesome prices, this will def make me consider GC next time I plan on buying a bong. All under 100$ + ashcatchers.
  9. my thoughts too.
  10. they have a carbhole these bongs
  11. aww man. i like slides better. oh well they are still a kickass buy for that price
    Molino Glass Bong - Colour Mid Section with Glass Coloured Mid Section Precooler

    It means 40cm high, and not 40mm ^-^

  13. Dude 40mm is as tall as you're hand. :smoking:

    AND NO THESE DO NOT HAVE CARBS!!! Why would you make a carb hole if the bong is a glass/glass slide???? And I see no carb holes in any of the pictures.
    edit:I read product descriptions, carbs are not mentioned.
  14. They aren't 40mm tall they are 40cm tall, which is about 15in. tall, so a little over a foot. And YES they DO have carbs and slides. I got mine last week and I LOVE it, although I got a different one from a different site.

    Here is the discription


  15. Oops my bad then, but i said 40mm because the person above me asked if they were 40mm.
  16. oooops, off course 40 cm :)
  17. lol, yeh I noticed that too. It made me laugh when I thought about it, I was like "DAMN, that thing could fit in my fucking hand!" ahahahaha.

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