New MMJ article on cancer- BIG NEWS!

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    The abstract-

    Spontaneous regression of septum pellucidum/forniceal pilocytic astrocytomas-possible role of Cannabis inhalation. (abst – 2011)

    Spontaneous regression of septum pellucidum/fornic... [Childs Nerv Syst. 2011] - PubMed result

    quotes from the abstract-

    "The tumors regressed over the same period of time that cannabis was consumed via inhalation, raising the possibility that the cannabis played a role in the tumor regression."

    "Further research may be appropriate to elucidate the increasingly recognized effect of cannabis/cannabinoids on gliomas." :hello:

    And the article-

    Cannabis Inhalation Associated With Spontaneous Tumor Regression (news - 2010)

    Cannabis Inhalation Associated With Spontaneous Tumor Regression, Study Says | NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform

    Cannabis inhalation is associated with spontaneous brain tumor regression in two subjects, according to a pair of case reports to be published in Child’s Nervous System, the official journal of the International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery.

    Investigators at the British Columbia Children’s Hospital in Vancouver documented the mitigation of residual tumors in two adolescent subjects who regularly inhaled cannabis. Authors determined that both subjects experienced a “clear regression” of their residual brain tumors over a three-year-period.

    “Neither patient received any conventional adjuvant treatment” during this time period, investigators wrote. “The tumors regressed over the same period of time that cannabis was consumed via inhalation, raising the possibility that cannabis played a role in tumor regression.”

    Researchers concluded, “Further research may be appropriate to elucidate the increasingly recognized effect of cannabis/cannabinoids on gliomas (brain cancers).”

    ]A 2006 pilot study published in the British Journal of Cancer previously reported that the intratumoral administration of the cannabinoid THC was associated with reduced tumor cell proliferation in two of nine human subjects with brain cancer.

    Separate preclinical studies assessing the anticancer activity of cannabinoids and endocannabinoids indicate that the substances can inhibit the proliferation of various types of cancerous cells, including breast carcinoma, prostate carcinoma, and lung cancer.

    Commenting on the two new case reports, researcher Jahan Marcu — who has previously documented the inhibitory effects of cannabinoids on human glioblastoma cell proliferation and survival — wrote in the blog Freedom Is Green: “Can marijuana contribute to the regression or remission of certain cancers? Given the slow progress of clinical trials for whole plant Cannabis, it can be frustrating waiting for years, even decades, trying to answer these vital questions. But for the two young women with brain cancer in (this) report, a shift to a cannabis lifestyle may have made a difference.”


    What this means- SMOKED cannabis IS an effective medicine! This puts a big hole in the (all but government-required) statement that is found in almost every MMJ study, cautioning that you are unlikely to achieve medically effective doses by smoking! Well......... I guess it CAN be done! :smoke:

    This could be HUGE, dudes! It sets a medical precedent!

    Granny :wave:

    (pb, red, and the rest of you who know the score, don't throw your back out doing cartwheels! lol :D )
  2. The trick now, is getting the Gooberment to care...
  3. No, the trick now, is to educate the people-so any anti-cannabis politicians will fear for their jobs! :eek: THEN, we will see some real action! :smoke:

    Get a copy of my List, (see my sig) and start sharing it with those you know. The ONLY way to get legal cannabis is to EDUCATE! Send that bone-headed politician who claims "Pot causes cancer!" the medical studies that say otherwise. Why not give your doctor the latest in medical news? Slip "Aunt Rose with the bad Crohn's" a few news articles, anonymously (the post office does not require return addresses! ;) ). And for a trip, set a friend down in front of my list and tell him to just read the titles- and then, watch his face! lol

    Granny :wave:
  4. Why is this big news, really big news....that is smoked cannabis they are talking about.:eek:

    In 2006 the FDA stated that, “No sound scientific studies have supported medical use of smoked marijuana.” in opposition to medical use.
    The powers that be are running out of excuses:hello:
  5. Great news Granny, Thanks for sharing. :smoke:
  6. Very exciting but I'll wait a little longer
  7. Great public news. Progressively getting the public educated :smoke:
  8. Its a fairly rare brain cancer with a very high mortality rate. Those kids were sent home to die after their surgery, and didn't. Which is quite surprising to the clinician, thus the report.:)

    Probably a case of they kept showing up for follow up visits, and the doc is going "WTF, why aren't you dead yet?":confused:
  9. These are interesting case studies. It's true, the possibility of both patients' tumors growing, then regressing due to chance alone is pretty low. Cannabis smoking and the regression in these tumors may be strongly correlated, but there definitely could be outside factors causing the tumors to regress.

    Further research needs to be done, but this might be the beginning of a lot of government research.

    What if it's true though? Then it would be the ultimate balance to all of the tumor causing activites (ingesting cigarettes, preservatives, sun exposure) in which we all participate.

  10. The govenment has already ignored quite a bit of clinical research that showed THC's effects on this type of cancer-from 2009...

    Active Ingredient in Marijuana Kills Brain Cancer Cells - US News and World Report

  11. But these studies were conducted in other countries. Spain and BC, Canada basically have decriminalized cannabis, and the layperson's point of view would be that the study wasn't credible because they're just trying to push their point of view.

    I think more extensive American based research would give these studies more credibility and sway for the pro-cannabis movement in brainwashed America.
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    With the US actively discouraging such studies....

  13. From a Scientific American article (with some "Granny comments")

    "The lab's plants – grown, ElSohly says, from seeds seized from Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, Jamaica, India, Pakistan and the Middle East (why not take clones ?)– are distributed to scientists studying, among other things how pot may ease pain, nausea, glaucoma and loss of appetite from AIDS. (tell that to Dr. Kraker who had been waiting for about 10 years to get some cannabis from them- I believe he recently gave up in disgust! (1) ) Those researchers need special permits from the Drug Enforcement Agency (D.E.A.) and approval from the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) and Department of Health and Human Services (H.H.S.) to conduct their research (all that paperwork to study a plant that has never caused a single overdose fatality! :p ) – if, that is, they're lucky enough to get any of the coveted G-Man weed to begin with.

    Scientists complain that they can't get the official pot to develop THC-based drugs – and then are forbidden from growing their own, a 2006 piece in The Scientist noted. (You can study it all you want, you just can't have any to do your study with!) But they also criticize its quality, describing the government's marijuana as weak, with an inconsistent chemical makeup. (And Elvy Musikka (2) and the other survivors, who usethe federally-supplied cannabis concur about the lack of quality -and even our own "tharedhead"can bear witness to its "schwagginess"!

    Most of the feds' marijuana is grown outside, which, like any other crop, leaves its quality to chance. (The weed is grown on 1 to 1.5 acres, yielding variable amounts of pot every two to three years.) (so why not grow one acre every year, to make sure you have some stored for research when the next "Hurricane Katrina" hits?) But the disgruntled scientists' criticism is “negative propaganda” that is “very, very false,” (Sure!) ElSohly told The Scientist in 2006 adding that he can custom grow the weed per scientists' needs and produce pot containing up to 40 percent THC. " (Now, I wouldn't go so far as to say out-right that Dr. El-Sohly "is full of it" and a government-paid liar, but I think that last figure falls right in there with "how big the one that got away was"! :eek: )

    It would be "nice" if the government allowed research scientists a free hand to explore the medical benefits of cannabis! Then we could find out if Rick Simpson is right (I think he may be). We could see if it halts diabetes in humans as well as it does in mice! (3) And will CBD provide a cure for Mad Cow Disease? (4) Will it REVERSE Alzheimers? (5)

    Marinol (synthetic THC in sesame oil) is a legal, Schedule 3 drug- any medical doctor can prescribe it. Natural THC from the plant is Schedule 1- a "dangerous drug" and with NO RECOGNIZED MEDICAL USE . Tell that to California & the other MMJ states! LOL Marinol being a single chemical, does not produce the same effects as natural cannabis. (6) What else will cannabis be shown to do when we finally get to research it without government interference? (As we should be able to, in a FREE COUNTRY!)


    Get a copy of my list and start educating people so they will DEMAND rescheduling of cannabis! Make this an issue! Force Obama to use it as a plank in his re-election campaign! :D

    Granny :wave:

    (1) Judge Urges DEA to Removed Restrictions on Supply of Marijuana Available for Research Studies, Page 2 of 2 - Associated Content from Yahoo! -


    (3) Cannabidiol reduces the development of diabetes in an animal study (news - 2006) [FONT=&quot]International Association for Cannabis as Medicine

    (4)[/FONT] Pot Compound Protective Against ‘Mad Cow' Disease, Other Fatal Brain Disorders, Study Says (news - 2007) Pot Compound Protective Against ‘Mad Cow' Disease, Other Fatal Brain Disorders, Study Says - NORML

    (5) The activation of cannabinoid CB2 receptors stimulates in situ and in vitro beta-amyloid removal by human macrophages. (abst - 2009) The activation of cannabinoid CB2 receptors stimul... [Brain Res. 2009] - PubMed result

    Amyloid plaque is the physical evidence of Alzheimer's. If it is removed, does the Alzheimer's also "go away"? No studies have been done. My stepmother is slowly dying of Alzheimer's in Texas. There is no hope for her in Texas- there's no high CBD medical cannabis to help clear her brain. :( I feel so dang helpless sometimes!

    (6) Testimony of Terry Jacobs to FDA - why he prefers for medical marijuana to Marinol (news/anecdotal - 2005) [FONT=&quot][/FONT]

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