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New MMA Patient overwelmed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by cannabisismedicine, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone this is my first post here so I hope i posted in the right spot.Looking forward to being part of the grasscity family.
    Im a new medical Marijuana patient just got my licence a few months ago for epilepsy.I currently have the pax and I ordered the Atmos jr for oils but I got some questions.
    1.How are you suppost to store marijuana properly?Right now I get my weed from a dispensery once it comes to me I grind it up put it in jars label it and put it in a fridge.Than when im ready to smoke I just grab what ever jar from my fridge and scoup it in my pax.Is this a good method or could this be damaging to the herb itself?
    2.If using a portable vaporizer like pax does grinding it up super fine damage the herb itself?I know your suppost to grind it find and I use a electric grinder but im wondering the more fine i grind it will the weak the effects be?
    3.Do all these strains really make a difference?The dispensary I go to has about 40 strains available and I feel overwelmed.Do all these strains really have different effects?I know Indicas sativas and hybrids do but there are so many of each.
    thanks for reading and answering ;)

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    only thing I note is you may be grinding to need it to allow air to quickly pass over each 'crystal' so it vaporizes.
    Too fine and you may just cause it to melt trics and make the plant matter stick together..stopping vapor from getting off it.
    it needs to be lots bigger then coffee grounds...try just a short burst in the grinder and check, you want it to be about the size of cigarette tobacco pieces from my experience.
    oh, and save the vaped herb...make butter with it. ground up fine you can just leave it in the butter, think of it as fiber and eat it all.
    strains do have varying effects.
    research sativa and indica medical effects and differences, and hybrids of these.
    sativa is a head high - fun laugh giggle energy, mood lift
    indica a body high - pain relief, anxiety relief, munchies, sleepy...
    hybrids will have a combo of these reported effects.
    to keep from being overwhelmed, take two puffs and wait...if needed, take another...wait...adjust timing and such to keep your relief levels.
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    1. I store mine in a mason jar, but I don't put it in the fridge though (or grind it up). Don't see why it would harm the bud, unless the cold temperatures are stressing the bud inside? Maybe someone could elaborate on this topic.

    2. I've always found that the more ground up the weed is (for a vaporizor), the easier it is to hit or draw that smoke into a bag. ^^ I was also going to mention I prefer manual grinders over electric because if it gets ground up TOO fine, problems COULD arise.

    3. Yep! Every strain has different cannabinoid percentages or amounts. Even though some may have similar effects or medical benefits, every strain is going to be different..even down to phenotypes of the same genetics.
  4. I prefer to keep the buds intact in mason jars, it seems to dry out quicker when it's ground up. any cool dark place is fine. In the morning I just grind up what I need for the day. However I don't see a big problem with your method.

    Grinding is fine, I prefer mine to be almost dust when I'm using the vape. The more you grind it, the more trichs tend to fall off, but I've never noticed it decrease the high. You'll end up getting it all eventually anyways when you collect the kief

    Different strains give different highs which is something you will notice better after a while of being a medicinal user. There are also a pretty wide array of flavours you will really taste with the vape. You can look on sites like leafly to see the general effects of each strain and choose whichever ones you think might be best for your life and condition
  5. First thanks for all the replys!How long can I store this stuff for?I usually order every 2 weeks so most of my weed is replaced every 2 weeks no longer than a month will I keep it.Right now I got a bunch of glass air tight jars that I ordered off ebay which are just for storing marijuana so my stoage is good.But I read a few days ago you have to keep it out of light?How true is it because these jars are glass and sometimes I just leave them around my apartment which means they are exposed to light alot.does light destroy marijuana even if its only been left out in a day or so or is that for longer term storage?
  6. Weed can last for months and months if stored properly. You really don't need to bother pre grinding ad putting in the fridge if it's only for two weeks at a time.

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  7. Don't use the electric grinder..use a normal handheld herb grinder. Like others said..the electric grinder will grind your weed up TOO fine almost into a powder if you grind it too long.
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    1. Usually a dry cool place in a mason jar is best. 
    2. Honestly I dont know cause I dont use a portable vape.
    3. Yes and no. Yes, because if you actually pay very close attention to the different feeling from each strain they do make a difference, and some strains really do target certain areas of stress for your brain and body. No, because well, if you ignore the different strains typically it doesnt make much of a difference. 
    its a sativa vs an indica, which im sure has been explained to you at some point
    and if it hasnt, feel free to ask!!
    I hope you enjoy your medical marijuana :D

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