New Miracle Grow "Nourish" and "Hydrate" products

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by bockscar, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. "Nourish"
    Miracle-Gro Nourish
    Miracle-Gro Hydrate - Soils - Miracle-Gro

    Anyone seen or used these? I found them at Home Depot and they were just under $4 for .75cf. Kinda pricey, but its more reasonable if you are growing on a small scale.

    The nourish is supposed to be a mix of compost and manure. I called MG and they said that it was all organic....even though theres no organic label on it....and labeling something as organic is like the "IN" thing at the Im kinda suspicious. The MG rep said that there were no added fertilizers or sources of NPK, and that the only NPK in it was the small amounts from the composts that are the product. The hydrate is supposed to be SPM and coconut husk. So thats like 2/3 of a soil mix right there...

    But Im a bit skeptical since bagged soils and things aren't known to be the best for organic gardening due to the way things are processed....and killing the good things that make organic soils great. So I wonder if this stuff is as good as it seems? Even more skeptical since they didn't plaster "ORGANIC" on it somewhere.
  2. MG is owned by monsanto, id stay clear of their products.
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  3. anything with magic in the name is to be avoided.
  4. magina? is that you?
  5. I killed petunias using that bagged crap. Do you know how hardy petunias are? Thought the products might be marginally OK for outdoor container use if properly amended - nope. Killed petunias!
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  6. Lots of people grow with MG products. However, most of those people are seasoned growers and understand how to deal with their products and how to avoid the issues that pop up when using them. I, personally, wouldn't put too much stock in what their rep says since their entire goal is to sell you lots of their products. If it's available to you, it's always safest to go with a proven grow soil that you know for sure is good for your plants or use a tried and true organic soil recipe and build your own. The roots are the brain of your plant and if they're happy, the rest of the plant plays nice too. So it's safer to do what you know keeps the roots happy and growing. But the only way to know for sure is to give it a shot. If you're up for possibly sacrificing one of your plants to see if it works or not, then jump right in and let us know how it goes. But I've never known of anything produced by MG that wasn't STRONG in one way or another. Growing inside is quite a bit different than growing outside and it's a much more sensitive plant when grown under artificial conditions. But that's about the extent of my knowledge concerning the stuff. Happy growing! TWW
  7. Nope nope nope nope. Id go with wally mart bagged soil before them evenXD but also id rather dig some dirt from.behind walmart firstXD (thats probly where they get theirs

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  8. You tried these specific ones or MG products? That sucks....especially if petunias are as resilient as you say!

    You're prolly right...especially about the rep. It seemed like they were basically reading off a screen.....that had the same info as the damn bag! lol

    I found it very odd that if the product was truly organic with no extra BS....ORGANIC would be plastered all over it in big block letters! lol but there was no organic label.

    Savage! lol

    You're prolly right...cant do it tho, too many constraints :-/
  9. @bockscar yessir those are the two products I used. I can only share what I experienced and YMMV. It was 3 years ago and I used it as a base, heavily amended it with basic organic inputs and planted petunias in large outdoor containers. They lasted around ~3 months and boom it was done and not to be brought back to good usage.

    Try it yourself and see if you have better results but you're really better off buying a small bale of spangham moss and building your own growing medium. Much better off from the get go.
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  10. Damn....the fancy packaging had me sold! LOL

    I was very skeptical....and even though it sounds was because "organic" wasn't plastered all over it. Organic is the trendy thing right now, and it seems like all companies (not only soil companies) have a hair trigger finger when it comes to marketing things as "organic"

    I kinda wanna grow some petunias now tho! lol

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