new minitube

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  1. high there folks,
                 here is a shitty pic of my new oil rig.  i got it about a month ago but never posted it.

  2. Sweet rig! Thanks for sharing :)
  3. Nice, how much?
  4. That's hella nice looking. I want a dualiti nail and carb cap dabber for my rig

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  5. Nice rig! I want to smoke dry herb in it.
    42000000000000000000000000000000  euros
    two hole diffy
  7. I was asking if 2 stroke was the artist.
  8. its tstokes sir
  9. Gotcha, never owned one so name was hazy in my memory but thanks for the correction. But I recognized the style
  10. Bit there is a 2 stroke who is a badasd blower as well

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