New Mini ZoNg ~*MiLkShOtS*~

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  1. My new mini zong i bought for $45 from a local headshop.Has a decent bowl and is even better wih ice.Enjoi

    Showing my nighttime smoke spot.Its pretty much 2 huge windows looking over a chill road. Got about 3.7g of NL i paid $130,It was nice.

    For some reasin its not letting me upload my vidz from youtube so check em out

    [ame=]YouTube - mini zong rip[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Mini zong milk and set up[/ame]
  2. very nice zong i love those pieces how much did it run
  3. 3.7 for $130!!!! thats overpaying i, sorry but sir you got obscenely ripped off i only pay max $40 for that and i usually get a flat 4.0 dude you need a new guy no matter how good it is
  4. Cool zong but my god man your ass got jacked.
  5. no weed is worth 130$ an eigth did you just start smoking a week ago?
  6. 1. You got overcharged.
    2. Your bongs from China.
  7. I've heard some places in MD can be expensive, but the most I have heard was $25/g, though I would never pay that.
  8. holy god, i just wouldn't smoke if i had those prices. Fuck.
  9. Just so you know it's not a zong.

    Every headshop you go to will have a bong like that and people will think it's a zong, when it's not.

    Zong's say Z@ng! on them. and the thing in the middle forms a Z, not a sideways V.
  10. I know that all places have different prices, the nations highest standard price for dank i'd say is around $60-$70 for 3.5g's... NOBODY should be paying more than that no matter where you live.
  11. cool bong i guess, although there is about 4 million of that same exact bong. personally i dont like anything that uses rubber grommets but hey thats just my humble opinion

    and 3.7 for $130?!?! wow man your connect is taking advantage of you, i suggest finding someone else whose not a scumbag

  12. haha my bad guys for being unclear but i thoguht i typed it last night i bout a quarter for $130 and i have 3.7 left(in the mason jar) happy tokin
  13. Oh damn, was bout to say 130$ for an 8. Wowz.

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