New mini CFL grow.

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    Started these a little over a week ago. 2 plants, got them setup in a rubber maid container. 2 42w CFLs, 4 ~30w. 2 intake fans, 2 outtake. Temps 72-77. They are bagseed.

    I am going to LST these plants due to the space restrictions. I am gonna go out and buy a bigger container so I can fit the bigger pots in + more CFLs.

    Anyway, here are a few pics to start this thread off.

    Plant 1:

    Plant 2:

    Plant 1 Closeup:

    Plant 1:

  2. This is practically identical to what I am hoping on trying soon.

    Ill pull up a seat to this thread.

    What kind of ventilation did you use in the rubbermaid.

    Are you gonna use a carbon scrubber later on?
  3. For ventilation I am using 2 29 CFM computer fans for the intake. I cut 2 squares out at the bottom and applied a cardboard backing to the fans so when I stuck them through the holes, the cardboard would hold them in place. Taped the cardboard to the container on the outside of it.

    For the outtake I taped 2 31.2 CFM fans together vertically and stuck them down into a hole I cut in the lid. I'm not going to worry about carbon filters as of now, shouldn't be a problem until the flowering stage.

    At that point hopefully I will have a bigger and sturdier container and maybe a better ventilation system to apply a carbon filter to.

    Thanks for taking a seat in. I'll get more detailed with what I have done and better pictures as the grow progresses. :)
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    Well, here are 2 pics so they should explain themselves if I confused you:


  5. nice mini stealth. Love it. I'll be watching!
  6. Looking very good so far! Interesting idea with the vert stack of fans... you think that will power a filter when the time comes?
    Also, from reading around I've seen that the plants do better with a higher soil level... really as close as you're comfortable to the edge without spilling, you can keep topping it off too to maintain the level.

    Can we have some pics of the unit itself? Inside/outside? Thanks for posting up, and good luck!
  7. Are you flowering them already, whats up with the flowering AND vegging bulbs used at the same time?
  8. Just using different spectrums... never hurts I guess.

    I don't think 2 31 CFMs will cut it when the time comes, subaru. I will have to upgrade the fans to ones that produce more airflow. That will happen when I transfer everything to a bigger container.
  9. Got a bigger container, started LST, transplanted to bigger pots, and added 4 new seedlings. Waiting on the bigger fans for more airflow. Some updated pics:

    top of container:


    plant 2:

    plant 1:
  10. Nice upgrade, much more room now. Those pots are huge, how big do you want your plants to get?
  11. I want them to fill up the pot. The LST will keep their height down... just looking for a bushy plant with lots of bud sites. Figure the 2 big plants have about a month to go before I start flowering.
  12. Rock on man, they'll be beasts! I guess you don't have to worry too much about stealth, but you could wire those lights up in ll to minimize the wires.

    I've got an LST plant myself, check it out!
  13. Nice grow man. :) I love CFL/LST grows. All that bushy goodness!
  14. been about a month, so whats new?

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